Dominic Cooper Probably Won’t Be Back For Captain America 2

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Speaking with Collider, the actor behind the father of Tony Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger Dominic Cooper revealed that he’s unsure of his return as Howard Stark in Captain Amercia II. We know that there’ll be flashbacks to WWII in the superhero sequel, but we haven’t heard anything regarding him reprising the role. Check out his comments below:

Are you obligated to return to Captain America or any of the other Marvel movies?

I just don’t know. . . That one probably, because I’m the father, the next one I imagine will come later. But you never know, anything can happen to any of the characters at any time. They’re like the comics. But I don’t know. They’re incredible projects. And I didn’t really grow up with the comics, but I had friends that were, and now I can sort of see the pleasures of them and how creative they are. When you work with people who are so passionate about their product it’s kinda inspiring. They start rambling on to you about, “Oh, you know, when you’re character in comic book 42, the emperor turns—” and you just sit there nodding your head. But you’re amazing by their excitement, and it’s totally inspiring, although deeply worrying because you know you have a lot of people who have very, very clear views and ideas on how they perceive the characters.

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SOURCE: Collider

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    He better return for the sequel!!!