Did Mark Wahlberg Kinda, Sorta Confirm DINOBOTS in TRANSFORMERS 4?

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transformers4 Did Mark Wahlberg Kinda, Sorta Confirm DINOBOTS in TRANSFORMERS 4?

“I super promise that Dinobots aren’t in Transformers 4. And say hi to your mother for me.”

That’s all Mark Wahlberg had to say to discredit the recent rumor that Grimlock and the rest of his prehistoric buddies would appear in Bayformers 4: Wrath of the Barely Legal Wet T-Shirt Scene. Instead, when asked about these Jurassic autobots, Marky Mark remained suspiciuosly aloof, saying…

“None of your business. You don’t want me to get replaced halfway through production for divulging secrets.”

mark wahlberg banner slice Did Mark Wahlberg Kinda, Sorta Confirm DINOBOTS in TRANSFORMERS 4?

Wahlberg seems like a genuine enough fellow (even though he blinded a dude in a racist bout of rage when he was younger), so I wouldn’t think he’d lie about the Dinobots. Especially when we consider the recent rumors that these Dinosaurs in disguise will, in fact, trade blows with Decepticons in Transformers 4, I’m willing to bet that Wahlberg is simply unwilling to affirm what the interviewer’s suggesting.


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  • Phill A. Sheeo

    Only. No one cares.

  • araryeph

    What was Marky Mark’s last big hit at the box office? Good Vibrations? That was over 20 years ago

  • Brian Willis

    michael gay will just make the dinobots if they are in there, he would make them look like crocodiles and frogs or something stupid cuz he doesnt know the show. just look at what he did to devestator in revenge of the crappy. making him crawl around with big iron balls and not be able to uttter a word. Im guessing Grimlok would be a grasshopper with a well spoken british voice. just a guess.

  • Daniel Christopher Holt

    The dinobots are great planners. They have that powerful primal anger but it’s fueled towards positive efforts which means they only use it for good. It’s not the average type of anger that leads to bad decisions, it’s that their physiology is based on dinosaur DNA. Optimus Prime needed this to bring more morale into his troops. At first the dinobots weren’t that intelligent which Optimus Prime had to correct by working on their brains and adding to it so they can have anger fueled with genetics. They were created to be great warriors and great planners taking on complex war tasks. Their drive makes them so much stronger than just their size. They also have a good nature. But they may disagree with Optimus Prime if success is not met which Optimus Prime find a solution with them. In that case Grimlock takes a leadership role which Optimus Prime would talk with him and let him take a stronger role while they work together. Grimlock has became a leader before in figuring out his role but had some challenges in doing so. He’s so beneficial the autobots have got to figure out how to work with him, and if they don’t it’s their own stupidity and shows the weakness of their race. If their race is that weak with wisdom and logic then they should go extinct. But strength in all qualities will prevail and while it’s a struggle for all races, a great race easily overcomes these struggles in working for a greater reality that connects everything together for truth.

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