DEATH OF SUPERMAN for MAN OF STEEL 2 or 3? Henry Cavill Loves the Story.

While most fans are perfectly content pretending like the classic Death of Superman storyline never existed, MAN OF STEEL star Henry Cavill shamelessly admitted that its his favorite run. That’s right, our new golden child of superhero cinema champions one of fandom’s dirtiest, taboo stories. He’s really trying to cash in all of his new found public goodwill as soon as possible with a statement like that, isn’t he?

Death of Superman’ is the first of my favorite comic books and in that, you get to see what the character is willing to do and willing to sacrifice as far as the greater good is concerned and to protect those he cares about and the human race,” said Cavill on the gripping 1992 Superman comic book. “Then we see in ‘The Return of Superman’ the various ways Superman is perceived by the outside world. And all these characters that are faux-Supermen or ‘Supermans’, they tick all the boxes, they fill all the criteria that one would imagine Superman needs or what Superman is made up of, yet not any one of them is Superman. There’s a very special thing…that essence is missing. And when [Superman] does return, it’s screamingly obvious, even though he’s almost unrecognizable,” Cavill summarizes. He continued on, discussing what that particular story added to his performance, “From that is what I drew from, those different things, the perception mankind has of this character rather it be feared, hailed, respected, whatever the case and then find this figure coming back and wanting none of these things but [those traits] still being dominant somehow.

That’s a bit more eloquent than what I had anticipated. I half-expected a Steven Seagal style rant, “I’m really the greatest. I do Judo, make babies. Jean-Claud can suck it.”… or something like that.

I wonder if director Zack Snyder would ever translate Death of Superman onto the silver screen. With so many stories at his disposal, you’d think this piece of 90’s basura would stay in the bottom of the pile, but you never know. Neither WB or Marvel has yet to kill a major hero on screen, and whichever one achieves it first will receive some mega buzz. Although, I expect Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark to be the first do-gooder in the graveyard. The guy just asks for TOO much money.


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  • bryan david

    Too early…save it for 3…for 2 you have to show how smart Kal-El is against a villain like Luthor ad figure out a planetary scheme Luthor has been ready to hatch to take over the world somehow by funding and building some sort of superweapon. The emergence of S forces him to create something to take him out so he hacks into some of the Kryptonian ships and accidentally activates Brainiac. or something like that

  • Michael Moore

    Then that makes the justice league movie in an even worse position

  • Vergil Kent

    Whenever I here Doomsday and Superman in the same sentence I get a little chill. Don’t kill Supes, even if he’d be resurrected. Bad move.