And the video leaks won’t stop coming!

This time around we’ve got our hands on the SDCC footage from DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. We cited that flick as the best at the Con, especially after director Bryan Singer led a panel of 18 (or near that) of the films stars.

And now, without further ado,  a visual journey through the Apocalypse set to the panty dropping tones of the Inception soundtrack, I present to you DOFP comic con sizzle reel!!!


I know the old slice-em dice-em master hasn’t blown our socks off lately, but he’s still the best there is at what he does. He’ll make a fine substitute for Kitty Pryde in this time travelling, body swapping tale.

By the way, remember how Bryan Singer promised not to use generic leather suits int this flick? For a brief moment, fanboys rejoiced at the thought of unique, comic book true costumes! But after looking at this trailer, it would seem Singer’s swapped his drab leather threads for black Stormtrooper chic.

Black leather for black plastic? That’s not the huge change you’ve lead us to believe, Singer!

SOURCE: Youtube

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