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Director Zack Snyder took advantage of the hectic pace of MAN OF STEEL’s fight scenes, throwing in a handful of DC universe easter egg’s that no normal human being could possibly ever see. While some of our friends in the geek news world have manage to compile a few comprehensive lists, it looks like one MEGA easter egg was overlooked.

Check out this screenshot below:

Do you recognize those call letter? WGBS… It’s a daily news show, owned by the Galaxy Broadcasting System. The President of which is Morgan Edge, a major antagonist to Perry White in the Pre-Crisis DC Universe, but an all around good guy to Clark Kent.

BUT… in the Post-Crisis world, Morgan Edge was retconned as a main villain and leader of Intergang, a criminal organization directly sponsored by key figures on Apokolips (the home world of Darkseid), who’s destined to make an appearance on the big screen.

I’m not sure which version of the character Director Zack Snyder would use, but I’m certain he woudln’t have included the WGBS logo in any form without deliberately hinting at Darkseid. After all, that big bad meanie of the DC universe is one of the only villains who could warrant a Justice League movie.

What do you think?


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  • K1CK455

    I spotted that. It was when sup chasin’/searchin’ Zod around the buildin’.

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    four letters = proof? hmmmm

  • tom riddle

    darkside frickin deserves a movie so bad would love if he was in man of steel 2 particularly i want to see that scene for justice league tv series epic!