Dane DeHaan to play HARRY OSBORN

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Well webheads following some internet speculation (read an article about that here) it look’s like we finally know who’s going to tackle the role of Peter Parker‘s ill-fated best friend, let’s give it up for Chronicle star Dane DeHaan!  So how do we know this?  Well the director, Marc Webb, tweeted it himself earlier today.

I have to tell you guys the more I watch the Amazing Spider-Man and the more I hear about this sequel I’m getting very excited for this trilogy as a whole because I think this team is doing something special here.  We have a very sharp actress cast as Mary Jane, a shoot in the United Kingdom (which could very well be a clear nod to Gwen leaving New York in an attempt to deal with her father’s death) and finally this solid actor being cast as Harry Osborn.  Still not sold on Jamie Foxx potentially playing Electro but I’m open to it.

This next film in this brand new series traversing the apparent ‘untold’ origin of Peter Parker and his alter-ego is surely coming together fast but are you guys even excited about this?  Do you wish they would have just skipped including the Osborn‘s in this series altogether?  Did you dislike the last film?  Should another director step-in?  Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Marc Webb’s Twitter

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