D23: THE INCREDIBLES 2 Poster is Simple and Awesome

Back in 2004, Pixar released a little movie called The Incredibles, a satirical and entertaining look at superhero movies and that entire genre. It also managed to be one of the best superhero movies we have – and the best Fantastic Four movie. Pixar have always made great movies (mostly) filled with unique and interesting characters, but there was something about Bob Parr and his family which appealed to people and made them want to watch more adventures. For some reason the animation studio sequelized every movie other than that one, but that’s all about to change in a couple of years when The Incredibles 2 finally comes out – and now there’s a poster!

Disney’s own big convention, D23, begins today, and there’s a bunch of exciting panels coming up this weekend which should break lots of equally as exciting news. However, as of now there’s a few posters lining the hall for Pixar’s upcoming slate, which includes the groundbreaking Incredibles 2 poster. Check it out!!


So there’s a host of posters here; Finding Dory, Toy Story 4… and Cars 3. If that’s the price we have to pay for this movie then I’m still hyped.

It’s really just a teaser poster, not even suggesting anything about the film, because animated movies take years to make and Brad Bird has only recently started developing the script. There isn’t a release date set either, but the most optimistic date would be sometime in 2019 – a whole fifteen years after the first movie. That ended with an appearance from the ‘Underminer’ (who I’m sure is a parody of Mole Man), although I really doubt he’ll be popping up to plague the Parr family in the sequel.

If I were to take a guess at the sequel plot then it’ll probably be some kind of commentary on the state of modern comic book movies. We live in a time when more and more are being pumped out each year, and while they’re getting more successful than ever it might not be too long until audiences start to get bored with the Marvel Studios formula. People have wanted it for years, but The Incredibles 2 couldn’t be coming at a better time. Perhaps the Incredibles’ defeat of Syndrome will have inspired a superhero resurgence and they become “old news” in the world, mimicking the state of affairs in Hollywood right now. Will more people like Syndrome desire to be a superhero and try to build suits for themselves, which could end disastrously? Honestly, there’s so much potential for this movie that I’ll be happy with whatever Bird delivers.


The Incredibles 2 will be out sometime over the next few years. Let’s hope it’s before Cars 3.