Crossbones Planned for Future Marvel Projects

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More than a couple of Marvel Comic’s iconic villains will be introduced in the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, including Batroc the Leaper, The Winter Soldier (d’uh), and Crossbones, played by Frank Grillo. According to Grillo himself, Crossbones and the others won’t just be seen in Winter Soldier. When asked to elaborate and if Marvel has plans for him to return as Crossbones, he replied:

Frank_Grillo_by_Gage_SkidmoreThey do actually. We’ll see if the fans respond to Brock and how it goes. It’s an origin film. You meet people who are going to be around for a while, so they introduce the characters. It’s almost like it’s a series. I can’t say very much about it because Marvel’s very strict about what you’re allowed to say. The movie, we’ve seen bits of it, and it is spectacular.”

Spectacular huh? That word is usually connected to Spider-Man but after what I’ve read and seen about the movie, I say it more than qualifies. Grillo also spoke about the opportunity of getting to work on a Marvel film:


For any actor, it’s huge and you really get an understanding of that when you see guys like [Robert] Redford show up to do a role. What’s happening now is I think since all the Marvel movies had such a wide range of viewers globally that you’d be crazy not to want to be involved on some level with the Marvel people. They do it like nobody else. “

What Grillo says does hold true. Marvel has been making moves (and money) at the box office, with their more recent Thor: The Dark World collecting $550 million worldwide. No doubt to their ever expanding roster of characters. So what does this mean for characters from Winter Soldier? Will Batroc pop up every now and then like in Ultimate Spider-Man? Will Bucky graduate from Winter Soldier to Captain America? We’ll have to see what Marvel does.


What do you think Marvel should do with these characters? What villains would you like to see in future Marvel movies? Drop a comment!

SOURCE: SuperheroHype