Could There Ever be JAWS or BACK TO THE FUTURE Reboots?

Recently there has been talk about reboots for Jaws and Back to the Future.


It can’t really be called a rumor; last week The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Steven Spielberg is in talks with Universal to set up shop there with his production company Dreamworks. In that article was a little throwaway line, saying:

He [Spielberg] also is key on potential reboots of other Universal franchises such as Jaws and Back to the Future.

However, the internet, as always, has spun it into a rumor about Steven Spielberg making more Jaws and Back to the Future movies. That isn’t what the article is saying, and he probably isn’t interested. But it does raise an interesting question: could these iconic movies be rebooted and remade? If so, how?


Personally, they should just it leave well enough alone, and just stick with the original because not only would it piss off old fans, but the director/writer Robert Zemeckis, and co-writer Bob Gale also don’t seem to like the idea.

“That can’t happen until both Bob [Gale] and I are dead, and then I’m sure they’ll do it. Unless there’s a way our estates can stop it,” Zemeckis stated.

While there isn’t any indication these reboots will happen, Steven Spielberg being back on the Universal lot could help them try to push them forward. There’s probably an executive somewhere at the studio trying to make them happen, and Spielberg’s name being attached would give it all some much-needed clout to avoid worry from fans. This makes me beg the question though, how would they end up doing it? Would they try to prove the ones who don’t agree with this idea wrong, by actually making a great version of the movies, and dare I say maybe even make it better than the original?

I think they should just stick with making things from the story to keep the movies alive such as a DeLorean Time Machine for example. Now that would be cool, we could worry about messing with the future later.

The question isn’t if it’s possible to make a reboot, but is it possible to make a GREAT reboot of such iconic movies? George McFly seems a bit worried. I’m with you on that one McFly.


Whatever the reason may be; they should just leave these movies how they are, and not try to remake them. I mean why try to fix what isn’t broken? However, it was pointed out to me that even though it might piss off old fans, it might also bring in the new fans that hadn’t seen the original so that is a perk I guess, a tiny one but it’s there. Yet, again they could just watch the original like everyone and get them to understand why we love the original so much.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the Jaws sequels sucked (even though Spielberg claims he had nothing to do with those). And sequels that come out a few decades after the original don’t always work out. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn’t that great (and it was Spielberg!). I love Harrison Ford and I was excited about how this was going to turn out but the story line in general just flopped and I ended up being disappointed. Maybe that’s why any talk of remakes will just make the fans worry that it might not turn out as Mr. Spielberg and Universal thinks it would if they were to go through with it.

It doesn’t look like that might happen for now anyways, not if Gale and Zemeckis have anything to say about this. So keep your fingers crossed for now and hope for the best.


What do you guys think? Would reboots be a good idea?