CinemaCon Trailer For THE WOLVERINE Online; Lots Of New Footage

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Just like how the CinemaCon trailer for Pacific Rim went online the other day, the footage shown at the convention for Fox’s upcoming gritty X-Men movie The Wolverine has arrived. It looks pretty cool, and probably will be good – but I really can’t see myself giving two sh*ts about it when it releases this July. Is that the same for any of you? Check the new footage out below:

Expect to see some more CinemaCon trailers pop up in the coming days, although I’m not quite sure what they’ll be for. Perhaps it’s the over-saturation of Wolverine on film, or just my disinterest of the X-Men franchise in general. What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited to see The Wolverine? Share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Youtube

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