Christopher Nolan silent on the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumors

A couple weeks ago we reported to all of you wonderful fanboys and fangirls out there that there was a rumor circling the possibility of Joseph Gordon-Levitt donning the proverbial cape and cowl in the upcoming Justice League movie (you can read more about it here).

Well since then not much has come from it and considering how far away DC‘s epic crossover flick is it’s honestly not that surprising.  Until today when Movieline asked the director of the Dark Knight Trilogy a staight forward question regarding a potential cameo inMan of Steel for John Blake.

Christopher Nolan replied while donning a ‘cheshire smile‘:

I can’t talk about that.  You know that.

So until right now there was nothing worth saying about it beyond endless rants of either glee or shrieks of terror depending on what you think about all this.  But with the director chimming in with a not so subtle variation of “no comment” one has to wonder where this may be going.  And more importantly is this really what the fans want from their DC Cinematic Universe?

What are your thoughts people of the inter-webs?  Are you game to see JGL as Batman in Man of Steel and then in Justice League or do you want his time with the character to be left off-screen in fan fiction?  Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Movieline

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  • Fats Mclemlich

    I prefer some type of continuity between the Nolan flick and Justice League, so this is perfect. If they were to reboot it entirely, it’d just be a kinda second class affair.

    Although, I’d still like Christian Bale to return. Apparently Nolan doesn’t really care about the sanctity of his “Nolan Verse”, since he’s been involved in Man of Steel and it seems that he’ll be involved with JL, so why not let Bale come back?

    I’m a Marvel fanboy at heart, but even I have to admit, a Nolan & Crew Justice League would blow any comic book movie out of the water

  • Gerardo

    I prefer Bruce Wayne Batman, reboot or not.

  • Gossen Albright

    Nolan’s take on Batman, that dark world he created, is one unto it’s own. It’s not part of and shouldn’t be forced to be part of other DC franchises just for some cheap thrills and few extra bucks. While the crossover would probably have many a fanboy drooling, I feel it would diminish the power of Nolan’s trilogy and how he ended it.

  • JRcanReid

    My first choice would be to have Bale continue in the role for JL but that’s not gonna happen.

    I think JGL would be fantastic as Batman, but Bruce Wayne MUST be in the JL. MUST. So I really don’t see how this works without a lot of confusion.

  • Wes

    I think Nightwing played by JGL would work just fine in the Justice League.

  • Emmanuel

    JGL could of pulled of night wing if they didnt kill off batman the way nolan did in the recent batman film.