Chris Evans Talks His Future At Marvel; Teases CAPTAIN AMERICA 3

avengers banner.jpg Chris Evans Talks His Future At Marvel; Teases CAPTAIN AMERICA 3

Recently there have been bits and pieces of Collider’s interview with Chris Evans published (those bits and pieces were about him wanting a cameo in Thor: The Dark World and saying Captain America: The Winter Soldier will film in March), but now the full interview is online and it’s a goldmine of Marvel goodies. Evans talks about how many Marvel movies he’s signed on for, what Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be like, what it was like working on The Avengers, and he briefly comments on Captain America 3. Read the important bits below and if you want to read about his indie work you can hit up the link below too.

I believe most of the Marvel people had to sign 8 or 9 picture deals.  I heard that with you it was more like a 5 picture deal.

We got 6, which was good because initially it was 9.  I was like, “I can’t do 9.”  But even 6 – you can do 6 over 10 years.  It is a big commitment.

With Joss now signing on to Avengers 2 and with him being part of the Marvel Universe and I’m sure you got him to tweak the Captain America 2 script no matter what, get him to work on it. The fact of the matter is that if I am you, and I say this as an outsider, you make sure that when you are not making the Marvel movies, you are picking the best scripts you can that give you the most diverse range to show your talent.

That is why I do things like this.  That is the goal, you know?  I will do the Marvel and that is a studio thing.  That is my obligation and they are great.  I’m very lucky that I happen to be under a contract with a fantastic captain america avengers april 5 550x309 Chris Evans Talks His Future At Marvel; Teases CAPTAIN AMERICA 3family, a fantastic franchise.

For fans of Captain America, I believe that you have directors on Captain 2? When do you actually film? What is your schedule?

I think we start at the beginning of March.  So I start another movie in October and I think probably around December I am going to try and sit down with them and start trying to talk about direction and tone. 

It has come out that you guys are going to do Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  How early on did you know that was going to be that?  Have you read the comics?  Are you familiar with that whole storyline?

Oh, I am fully up to date with my comics.  I know all about it.  Kevin Feige was talking about that when we were filming the first Captain America and well before The Avengers.  During the first Captain America we were talking about potential futures and, you know, I don’t want to give too much way.

So you basically know hypothetically where even the third movie might go?


Head to the link below to read more from Evans. But for now, what do you think about his comments? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Collider

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