Chris Evans Hasn’t Seen CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Script Yet

For a while now it’s been said that filming for Captain America: The Winter Soldier will begin in March, however taking into consideration an update from the Star Spangled Man himself, Chris Evans, indicates that the filming start date may be pushed back.

Evans was a guest on the Doug Loves Movies podcast, and dropped a few interesting tidbits regarding the sequel and kinda disses the choice of Joe and Anthony Russo (Community) as directors. Read it below:

I don’t have a script yet. We start shooting in two months and they haven’t given me a script. That’s how Marvel works. Different directors, it’s the Russo brothers. It makes perfect sense, Community, S.H.I.E.L.D. superhero action movie.

Yeah, they’ll be some (when asked about cameos from his Avengers co-stars). That’s going to get me in trouble with Marvel.

Additionally, Feature Film Casting report that filming for the movie has been delayed until June, which COULD see a delay in the release date (likely May-June 2014). However, I’m not worried, Iron Man barely had a script at all and it was a complete success!

What do you think? Are you concerned for Evans’ surprising lack of faith? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Doug Loves Movies and Feature Film Casting

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  • ellid

    I have no idea where you got this “surprising lack of faith” business. ?????