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CASTING CALL: Karl Urban As Batman

Welcome back to another edition of Casting Call, where we talk about which actors should play who and demand you agree. We took a little bit of a hiatus last week due to my extreme busy-ness but are back in full force this week with a brand new casting choice… Karl Urban as Batman! Batman has for quite some time been portrayed as a very rough, edgy character but the closest we’ve got to that is Christian Bale’s iteration of the character – and if I’m honest he wasn’t like the guy I know from the comics at all. We have yet to see the true Batman on screen, and as the reboot is a few years away yet Warner Bros and their creative team have plenty of time to get the next interpretation of him right.


Three of Karl Urban’s mainstream movie roles are the defining reasons for my casting of him. First: Eomer in the latter two instalments in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I haven’t seen those movies nearly as much as I should have, but I know that Urban was fantastic in both and played an extremely rough and edgy leader, a quality that I have often seen in Batman. Second: Kirill in The Bourne Supremacy. I recently watched this movie and realised what gold I had been missing out on, and he was an absolute badass in that who could hold his own against Bourne. Third: Dredd. This didn’t make as much money as it should have which is sad but there was one thing that kept popping into my head while watching that: BATMAN! Urban showed us that he is leading man material and would play a character like Batman fantastically.

Of course, the grim and gritty stuff isn’t all there is to him. How do I know Karl Urban can play Bruce Wayne properly? The truth is, I don’t, which is what stops this from being a perfect casting choice, as I haven’t seen enough of his stuff to be able to tell he would make a great Bruce Wayne. But I can totally envision that he would embody the suave, playboy aspect of him perfectly and would be able to display his constant depression really well.


When you’re casting a character like this you need to be careful and make sure he’ll do well on both sides of the character (which is the same for all superheroes). While that isn’t completely true for Karl Urban (which I said above), I can’t imagine he’d screw up Bruce Wayne. Someone like Bradley Cooper would make a BRILLIANT Bruce Wayne, but a crappy Batman. Same can be said for lots of actors, sadly. So no, there aren’t any other suggestions this time.


Karl Urban Batman CASTING CALL: Karl Urban As Batman

I’m kidding. That was the only manip I could find, but because if that was my proof you would hate my casting choice immediately here’s a side-by-side below:

karl urban batman side by side CASTING CALL: Karl Urban As Batman

That’s all this time folks, but tune in next week for another instalment of Casting Call, and yes that sentence was deliberately lame. What do you think of Karl Urban as Batman? Share your thoughts below.

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  • rob77

    i totally agree. as to whether he can portray bruce wayne, i’d say he definitely can. the guy is a talented actor. pity that he’s very underrated

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShakeITShakeShakeIT Foto Grafia

    Please No.. and my reason is i’d want him to play Solid Snake.. i don’t want Hugh Jackman, which is Kojima’s target.. i want Urban or Bana.. but i’d like to see Urban be the legendary Snake.. Urban Legend :D

    • niven

      Why not both? :P anyway as a huge huge batman and solid snake fanboy, i give him my full approval. After seeing him in Dredd he convinced me how good he could be as Batman, after seeing him as Bones in Star Trek he convinced me he can turn on the charm for Bruce.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    he was amazing in dredd and he will be perfect for the new batman + snake !!! man this will never happen, Hollywood always choose worst actors among the greatest,only few director has the skill to pick the best

  • urbanite

    i love karl urban,..very underrated actor an everything hes done ive loved.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.moy.96 Tony Moy

    Why not? The Bat suit is the star of the movie anyway.

  • Murda Capital

    I agree hes definitely one of the best candidates but I would love to see Leonardo DiCaprio as Bruce Wayne. I think he would pull it off to perfection.

  • RamdomFilmGoer

    NO! There’s something about his face…it’s not Batman enough. To elvin. Plus he’s more psychopath than Batman. He also can’t bring it on screen enough.

    • RyanBritishSteelWhitelaw

      Watch Dredd asshole.

  • Grace

    Definitely………YES. Get Karl urban as batman!!!!!

  • wilma

    perfect for the role

  • Micah DarkFyre

    Check out his role in the movie “Red”. And decide for yourself if he can pull off being Wayne…

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