Calm Down Geek Haters, James Gunn Defends Chris Pratt in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Apparently, there’s been a bit of backlash to the casting of Chris Pratt in the role of Star Lord for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. You know, that semi-obnoxious space-faring flick starring a giant interstellar tree, a foul mouthed raccoon, an assassin, Thanos’s daughter, and that other dude we were just talking about… Star Lord.

Well, ya’ll been talking shit (as my toothless great grandfather would say… rednecks and such).  Among the most bizarre critiques of the choice is the notion that Chris Pratt’s addition to the cast was spurred by studio interference (which Marvel is known to do… those meddling bastards). To that point, Director James Gunn, who’s been hard at work on this project for well over a year, responded with some hardcore knowledge.

“Chris Pratt auditioned against A-list big-time movie stars for the most desired role around and Marvel was ballsy enough to back me when I wanted to hire him. I’ll love them forever for going with me on that. No other studio in the world would have ever taken that risk. Nor would any other studio in the world ever have hired me (or Joss Whedon, etc) to do this type of film. Same with the others. Anyone who has followed me for a while knows I either speak my mind or shut the [frick] up. I never say I love something if I don’t. And, to be completely frank, I’ve been way more pressured to cast “names” on nearly every independent film I’ve ever done.”

Take that haters! James Gunn just gave you a big chocolate syrup covered scoop of knowledge.

Although, before I become too verbose with my internet driven insults, I should say… I’m a bit wary of Chris Pratt’s inclusion, as well. He’s only ever acted in comedic roles (or that of the frumpy, nitwits), and I’m not sure if I could accept a strong, leading man performance from him. Although, there’s never really much to worry about in a Marvel movie. They don’t exactly “shoot for the stars” (shitty pun intended).

What are your thoughts on the casting? Sound off below!


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  • Casey Fiore

    Actually it’s plainly untrue that Chris Pratt has only done frumpy comedic roles, he’s been more dramatic recently in both Zero Dark Thirty and Moneyball, which he was incredibly sympathetic and fantastic in.