Bryan Cranston Wasn’t Offered Lex Luthor Role For BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

Sorry fans, but your favorite choice for Superman’s bald-headed nemesis was apparently never in the running. Today on The Howard Stern Show, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranson revealed he was never offered the Lex Luthor role for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, also known as Batman vs. Superman.

In the minds of fans, it’s true. In the minds of the hierarchy of Warner Brothers, it’s not true.

bryan cranston

Not only that, but to his knowledge, he was never even considered for the role. However, Cranston would have welcomed the opportunity to play Luthor, calling it “a 20” (a.k.a. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity).

My God! A Batman vs. Superman casting rumor that didn’t come true? Why, that’s unheard of! Cranston was one of several actors rumored to play Superman’s arch nemesis, including Adam Driver and Joaquin Phoenix. It was announced in late January that The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg was cast in the role. Eisenberg’s Luthor will take “the character in some new and unexpected directions,” which might include him being street smart and having tattoos. Clearly we won’t be getting a rehash of Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey for the film. Whether this new interpretation will work out remain to be seen, but it certainly shakes things up.


As for Cranston, I won’t deny that I would have been cool to see him play one of the most famous comic book villains of all time. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad (please don’t beat me up later), but I’ve seen him in other roles and know he has the acting chops to pull off the character. However, let’s be honest with each other: this Cranston idea was never anything more than fan casting run rampant.

I mean, I do see the that they're both bald.

I mean, I do see the resemblance…in that they’re both bald.