Brazillian Military Police Hire Real Life Batman

…..Yeah I’m not joking. In an effort to tackle the crime ridden streets of Brazil, military police have hired a former soldier who will don the outfit of Batman while tackling crime. Bleeding Cool noticed a news story from Brazillian news site Ovale saying that milirary police have hired former soldier André Luiz Pinheiro, 50, in some of the most crime-filled places. The funny thing is, André is actually a massive comic book fan who likes to dress up as Batman at children’s birthday parties. It’s not entirely known how he will be used yet, but the civillians seem to be happy about it. Housewife Fatima Ferreira had this to say,

“Children do not have space or where leisure and play. Is this a good project to have such a great character. Will help rescue the values ​​that are lost here.”

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