BLACK WIDOW Kicks The Piss Out of Coulson’s Replacement in New CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Photos

Filming for CAPTAIN AMERICA : THE WINTER SOLDIER has just begun, and while we’ve already received our fair share of sneaky pics featuring Chris Evans in his brand new Cap suit, we’ve yet to see any action… until now! Not to oversell it with those over-dramatic ellipsis, or anything, because it’s actually more of a teeny tiny kick.

Apparently Black Widow was a bit peeved by Agent Coulson’s replacement, Agent Jasper Sitwell, and she threw her giant bird sized feet into his sternum. Down for the count!

Scarlett Johansson really needs to hire an “ugly faces” coach, because her expression is just… wack.


This. Is. SHIELD!

It looks like they’re shooting 2 different versions of the scene, one where Cap shoves the Agent down with a really reserved toss (he seriously throws like an old woman… no offense Grammy) and one with Black Widow’s high-heeled kicks. That, or the Russo Brothers are retaining their slapstick comedy roots. ¬†Should we be worries?


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  • themac

    Natasha: “THIS IS SPARTA!!” *kicks sitwell*