Ben Affleck Takes Himself Out Of The Running For STAR WARS EPISODE VII

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More and more directors are taking themselves out of the running to direct Star Wars Episode VII, and now critically acclaimed actor-turned-director Ben Affleck has to. Affleck’s latest film Argo recently released to incredibly positive reviews (with people already debating it’s Oscar chances) and he was previously rumoured to be in consideration to direct Justice League, but that report turned out to be fake. In an interview with MTV, the director revealed what he thought about the project, and commented on the fan-suggestion of J.J. Abrams directing the sequel.

“J.J. would kill it, he would crush it, but he would be great at anything. There are a lot of good directors out there. Naturally I would be inclined to get somebody who’s great at telling stories. You’re never going to be able to recapture the story that was the initial three, because it’s so legendary and iconic. I don’t know, I’m glad I don’t have that job. It’s a tough decision to make.”

He went on to say that “there might be purists who are opposed to it, but I thinkĀ it’s a very cool thing and I’m sexcited to go see the movie.” Who do you want to see direct Star Wars Episode VII? Share your thoughts below.


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  • cranium7

    I really want to see a Brad Bird Star Wars, he’s way at the top if my list for this

  • Jared Scott

    Who the hell put Ben Affleck IN the running for director of Ep7?

  • the dutch

    no matter who they pick the star wars fans will never like any other version accept the original, they will always be critics, against the project and that’s why a lot of great class a directors are turning it down its a career killer, so they should pick a rookie somebody new, if he makes it turned out great then he is on the rise to fame and if not, they can always blame it on the director,and you want to fuck it up right away just give it m night shmilan, shamilian, shmellan.or whatever the fuck his name is..

    • trevg23

      yea dudes like this guy down there make good directors not want to do this project. im fan boy and love the originals but also can give appreciation to anyone who was idea to take the EU to the screen…super geeky fan boys should jus back off and let them do their thing…

  • Raymond Wiggins

    I think it might be interesting to get someone like Graeme Harper – not particularly well known in the U.S. but has done some nice work with the Doctor Who franchise. Whoever gets the helm, they should realize that Star Wars – at its heart – is a homage to older filmmaking, be it westerns, world war 2 films and sci-fi serials. Unlike Star Trek, it should never really venture into contemporary social commentary.