BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Writer Says Superman Wins the Fight

David S. Goyer, ladies and gentleman. While admittedly not the greatest screenwriter in the world, he nobly aided in the silver screen adaptations of many of our most cherished superhero films, with a career that stretched from the birth of the modern comic book flick with Blade, to that genre’s perfection in The Dark Knight. He was a brave man, a good man, and if it wasn’t for the horde of 20 thousand Batman fanboys who stampeded over his car at Dunkin Donuts yesterday, he’d still be with us.

Well, that’s obviously not true, but it could be… especially when you consider Goyer’s candid (and controversial) opinion regarding a hypothetical brawl between Batman and Superman. Here’s what he said:

“Most comic book purest would says Batman because he is the ultimate strategist. Even though it makes no sense what so ever. If Superman just flicked his finger Batman would be done for.”

Shots Fired!!!

Now, I’m no Batman fanboy by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy the Caped Crusader as any man titted, brown bearded fanboy inherently should, but I’ve always placed a greater value on the tactful writing of the rare Superman masterpieces than the more frequent (and frankly easier) library of classic Batman tales. But because that dastardly Dark Knight seems to be the more accessible character and the one with the coolest toys, fans usually cite him as the hypothetical victor in a Batman vs Superman throwdown. Now, it doesn’t help that a few fanboy-ized scribes have favored Batman in DC’s actual canon, but I think it’s obvious to anyone involved… Superman would win. By a lot.

With that said, please don’t hurt me. And mean comments count too. Stick and stone may break my bones, but words will… just replay in my head over and over and over again until I break down in a puddle of tears.


Heyo. I'm Nick Dourian, the Editor-In-Chief around these parts. Now, I went to a few other sites, read a few awesome bios, and I really want to fabricate a badass origins story for myself, but I'm feeling particularly unimaginative today, so 'f' that jazz. I read comics, drink bourbon, and cook meats. Imagine Ron Swanson, but with a fuller beard and cuter eyes.
  • Brian Smith

    It wouldn’t be a contest. Supes would demolish him in less than a second. Watch this video to find out, scientifically put, what would happen to a human being if Superman were to punch one.

    Honestly, Batman has absolutely no chance in a fight with Supes.

  • Eric

    The problem is people assume it gets to the point of a physical battle. If Batman and Superman had issues, Batman would take him out with extreme caution, and he would do it before Superman knew what was going on. If it was a planned event: Batman, being a master strategist, would easily be able to trick Superman into a red sun room (Like in The Red Son). If Batman gets Superman down to his level it’s no contest. Batman is clearly a better fighter, Superman knows how to punch and that’s it. Even if that plan failed, Batman would have kryptonite on him. Lex Luthor vs. Batman is much better fight in my opinion.

    • alex luthor

      Superman knows how to punch and that’s it

      Well, except for being proficient in Kryptonian martial arts and being trained by Batman…sure.

      • Grey

        Being proficient in Kryptonian Martial-Arts is no minor accomplishment. The study of Torquasm-Vo granted Kal El psychic powers that Lois Lane has proved still work without other superpowers. Torquasm-Rao is a more physical martial art which is said to be superior to earthly martial arts, as well.

        Superman has been trained by Batman, the Amazons, and has learned from his many scraped with Lex Luthor and other villains how to anticipate their attempts to exploit his weaknesses.

        If we put Batman and Superman on equal footing, powers or no powers, Superman will win every time. If you give batman some insane advantage like knowing about the fight way in advance, then of course that changes things, but that’s not what we’re asking, I think. And if Superman ever went bad and deemed a fight with Batman to be necessary, I’m pretty sure he’d know about it before Bruce, and Bruce would be dead before he had time to lift a finger.

    • Some Guy

      So you get to just assume that Batman gets to know of the fight beforehand and Superman doesnt? I can see why, since obviously if Superman decided to kill Batman and Batman had no idea, Batman would be dead in less than a second. I think for a “fair” fight, both Batman and Superman are aware that they are fighting. In that case, Superman would win, no contest.

      • jmedees

        Batman doesn’t fight fair, he wins. A real world scenario wouldn’t be fair because Batman had already thought up 52 strategies A-ZZ to beat superman and superman has super strength, vision, hearing etc…

        • Brian Smith

          Nice straw man argument.

      • CorA

        Even Booster Gold beat Superman

  • Gknight

    Actually if Superman and Bats fought, since Bats is Superman’s best friend Superman would never go all out on him. It’s true Superman is the most powerful super hero but Batman always thinks things thought of what we know of from the comics to the animated/human movies Batman has something prepared for any situation. There has been few of them that he was left with nothing. Superman is a smart guy but he knows that he would never out wit Bats. In the movie JL: Crisis of two earths, Bats has a plan to neutralize any hero that was recruited in JL if any went rogue. We know that Bats carries with him the “last” kryptonite that Superman left intact just in case something happened. But really it can be anyone’s game, all depends on who’s field the other is.

    • Gknight

      **JL: Doom
      Confused the film my bad

  • Ryan Real Heel Horrocks

    I would like to see two different fight scenes with one favouring Supes and the second a more experienced kitted up Batman winning.

    If Batman had the element of surprise and a stash of Kyriptonite it would certainly be a walk in the park for him but without those vital tools Superman would naturally win!!

    It would make sense that the highly stealthy Dark Knight would be able to get the drop on a blatently dressed Man of Steel!!

  • Grey

    Superman is a better fighter and smarter tactician even without powers. Don’t forget that he is a master of Kryptonian martial arts and even when depowered he still possesses the psychic abilities that those ancient martial arts grant him. It has been mentioned several times that he has been trained by many of the world’s greatest fighters, including boxers, Bruce Wayne, the Amazons, etc. at different points in time.

    Superman is also no stranger to using cunning to win his battles. It’s just that, with his strength, the scale of his cunning is often lost on the scale of his raw power. Still, he’s certainly been portrayed as being smarter than Batman (All Star Superman, for example), a better fighter, leader, etc., though he doesn’t have the gadgets. So Batman would have that on him in a powerless fight.

  • joejmz

    Given that the “Master strategist” has never been able to keep the Joker from escaping Arkham, I think it’s a fanboy dream that he would be able to defeat Superman.

    • Doe

      do all your local law enforcement agents act as prison guards during the night shift?

  • Ken Leonard

    Obviously, it depends on the scenario. If Superman just decides to kill Batman one day, swoops in at high speed and throws Batman to the sun, then it could be done even before Batman could pull the kryptonite out of his pocket.

    But if there’s any kind of warning, then everything changes. It would be silly to declare outright that either would definitely win such a fight.

    • CorA

      Are Batman’s pockets are lined with lead now? Is he worried about protecting his junk from radiation? Does Batman even have pockets? Tune in next time. Same Bat time, same Bat….awww forget it

  • Callum Norris

    in my opinion, and people don’t start screaming at me, batman would win he has something ready for any situation batman is a more skilled fighter and has many gadgets and he is the master technician

    • Ryan Lamont

      Please learn a little about Superman before assuming Batman is a more skilled fighter

  • Malcolm.0

    Contrary to popular believe, Superman has beaten batman more times in the comics. Batman fans just choose to ignore it. The only time Batman has beaten Supes was in the Dark knight returns which isn’t even Canon. All the times Supes has beaten batman, he had “prep time” and kryptonite. “prep time” and Kryptonite isn’t an automatic win for batman. Batman is human, a street vigilante, he fights street criminals. He can’t fight superman no matter how much you worship him. He can’t even defeat Bane or Joker but he’ll beat supes.hmmmm

  • David McBee

    For them to fight in the first place, one of them must have “gone bad”. And because this is a comic book story, the “good guy” will win. If it’s Superman who goes bad (crazy, drugged, whatever), Bats’ll find a way to get his hands on some Kryptonite and/or outsmart him. If it’s Batman that goes bad, Superman will use his Alien powers to bring him down.

    This from a fan who has both Superman and Batman tattoos.

    BTW, (SPOILER ALERT) in the current run of INJUSTICE, Superman has gone a little nuts after the Joker tricked him into killing Lois Lane and his unborn son. Batman rallies his allies and leads the charge to take him down. Batman is currently getting his butt handed to him by Superman. But we’ll see…

  • raawr

    if batman had powers he would sooooooo strong

  • bluemoon

    i think u meen if batman has powers he would be so strong