BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Batsuit Designs Revealed


Batman vs Superman may have lost a bit of its luster in the past few months as questions about the fate of the DC Cinematic Universe continue to go unanswered (will we ever see Wonder Woman?), but this latest slew of news should add a dash of fire to the discussion.

According to a WB costume designer, the graphic novel Batman: Noel inspired the Caped Crusader’s new look, and his cowl in particular. If you take a look at the image I’ve embed, you’ll notice that the ears are much shorter than what we found in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and the lines are much sharper; a bit more like armor and less like a ninja mask.


Here’s the full statement:

Current cowl designs resemble the Caped Crusader’s look in Batman: Noël. Which is a 2011 graphic novel written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. They also explored concepts that looked like Injustice: Gods Among Us designs, but ultimately passed on those because they were too similar to Nolan’s costume.

Anything besides a cloth cowl are destined to draw comparisons to Christian Bale’s suit, although even those were heavily inspired by previous incarnations of the character, as Keaton was the first Batman to incorporate a stealth and kevlar aesthetic to Bruce Wayne.

Now, scrapping the Injustice: Gods Among Us costume altogether because it’s too similar to Nolan’s is a massive disservice. It’s one of the coolest Batman designs we’ve ever seen, and like I’ll always say… you can’t reinvent the wheel? Short of redrafting the Adam West costume, or bravely adopting the Arkham City suit, there’s not a whole lot of diversity in the batsuit.

arkhamcity2SOURCE: CBM

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  • Onyx

    It’s time for the suit to be black and gray. And I hope they cover the nostrils on the cowl. I don’t want to see the bottom of Affleck’s nose. I always hated that look in the comics. I just hope they figure out a way so that he can turn his head,no need for another stiff necked Batman.