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BATMAN Easter Egg Revealed In MAN OF STEEL

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While hitting the press rounds for MAN OF STEEL, director Zack Snyder revealed an amazingly awesome spoiler for the Superman reboot. According to the head honcho himself…

“The Wayne Enterprises logo is on a satellite that Zod destroys.”

Which means Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is a member of this universe. Though, we can’t be certain if this Easter Egg is evidence of a greater Nolan verse, which would include both The Dark Knight Saga and the new franchise spawned by Man of Steel, or if the Wayne Enterprises logo belongs to a rebooted version of the Caped Crusader.

As a fan of the gritty, Nolan realism, I’d really hope that Warner Bros. found a way to reunite Christian Bale with his cowl, but that doesn’t seem very likely. What do you think?

In my mind, this is how a possible team-up movie (of only Superman and Batsy) will play out…

An extra-terrestrial ship breaks through one of Superman’s early detection systems he’s placed around our solar system. The Big Blue Boyscout flies into outer space, confronts the menace, but is quickly defeated by the long, veiny, mechanical bitch slap of the worst scourge of Krypton, Brainiac!!! After crash landing on Earth, Superman discovers that he’s been severely weakened by a radioactive element that courses through the big Baddie’s circuitry, and so reverting to his Clark Kent persona, he goes to Gotham in search of a hero to aide him in this great battle!

So… long story short… Batman and Supes team-up, kick some alien ass, and then take a holiday weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate their victory (as well as tenderly consummating their bromance).

SOURCE: Collider

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  • Robert

    Your plotline would kind of destroy the whole interplay between the two characters. What made it interesting in the comics was that even though superman had amazing powers he still needed batman’s powers of detection and espionage to crack the really big cases. That means there are lots of good plotlines that involve these two guys working together that don’t involve superman losing his powers.

  • Jack Davidson

    NOLAN DOESNT HAVE SHIT TO DO WITH THIS MOVIE, he just signed on as a name. he has done literally NOTHING in it. The batman of this universe WILL NOT BE NOLANS BATMAN!!!

    • David Michaels

      Why are you shouting so angrily? Nolan sticking with this whole universe can only be a good thing, even if his mind is focussed on Interstellar.

      • WakwakFlakaFlak

        Because, with utmost respect to the Nolanverse films, that Batman will not work out in a JLA movie. He needs to be younger, smarter, stealthier, and needs to do crazy bat jumps while throwing 3 or more batarangs in mid-jump.

        It is best to separate the Nolanverse Batman to this new one. It will lead to better stories. Because honestly, if Batman wasn’t popular he has no reason to be in the JLA.

        • crapsickles

          Why does the JLA Batman have to be that version of Batman? Why can’t he be a bit of an aged, disillusioned loose cannon, with gadgets up the wazoo? Comic books have only shown that time and time again they’re okay with rewrites and re-imaginings. Just because your idea of how a film should be doesn’t match an (entirely speculative) potential version, why shouldn’t it happen?

          On that note, why do fans think they get a say at all? Fans who expect fanservice and pandering aren’t fans, they’re stalkers of fictional characters, who allow their lives to be worsened when the stories that they “love” don’t go how they want. I am a fan of the Harry Potter books. I didn’t like the films at all. I didn’t go onto forums and sign petitions and bullshit. I just stopped watching them after the second or third one, because that piece of media just wasn’t for me, I guess.

          There is nothing wrong with re-imagining a concept, and there is nothing wrong with shaking up 70 year-old characters.

          • ProphetZarquon

            I quite like the idea of a gritty, noir Batman and the newer deadlier Superman, especially if you could still work a goofy, self-conscious Green Lantern into the plot! The recent Lantern movie was less than awesome, but as the Thor and Avengers movies demonstrated for me: A weak intro movie does not mean the team-up movie won’t be awesome!

            Frankly, I think the more mismatched the better the potential for unexpected humor and surprise bad-assery.

        • Kenneth Garcia

          I couldnt agree more!

    • Podd Socks

      OR WILL IT?

    • Will Smith

      Actually Nolan and David S. Goyer both worked together on Man of Steel’s story for the film.

  • gizmochimp

    Seeing Green Lantern in that picture just seems kind of funny/pathetic. Good luck with Justice League, dudes.

    • ProphetZarquon

      That Green Lantern *would* be kind of funny/pathetic. I think that’s what I like about the team-up: Batman is outpowered by Superman, but his honor and tenacity impress Wonder Woman more than Superman’s inherent properties ever could. Flash is an immature preening publicity seeker and everybody else goes out of their way to shore up Green Lantern’s confidence.

      But seriously, kill off the funny guy and show us a black Green Lantern already.

      And where’s the Martian Manhunter in all of this? Not popular enough I guess. Which would make him an ideal candidate for a “watch me pull a superhero out of my hat” scenario during a team-up movie.

  • Wil

    it’d be sorta neat if they did that storyline from Hush in which batman kicks the everloving shit out of superman for 19 straight pages, which i suppose would convert into 15 minutes of film time.
    that’d be hilarious

    • Kevin

      You should reread that because Batman never won or kicked the shit out of Superman he merely held him off long enough to talk sense in to him and Batman even says in one of the panels that Clark would crush him if it wasn’t for his good nature. Batman then has Catwoman throw Lois Lane off of a rough so that Superman stops attacking Batman, saves Lois, and Poison Ivy’s spell over Superman is broken. This only lasted 5-10 pages at most.

    • alex luthor

      So you’ve never read Hush?

  • http://twitter.com/rmcmillen01 Me, Myself and I
  • Green Lantern Fan

    If they were smart enough to have the new Superman save Batman from the end of TDKR–in THIS “Man of Steel” movie, I can’t imagine what the cheers will be in theaters. Fanboys and fangirls will go crazy and for the first time in a long time, DC can seriously one-up Marvel.