SPIDER-MAN Finally Joins Live Action AVENGERS, But Not In The Way You Think

Spider-Man has finally joined the Avengers. But not in the way you think.

Marvel Universe Live. This is the House of Ideas’s first official foray into live production featuring their current Cinematic Universe. Since this is a non-cinematic endeavor, Marvel can faithfully include all the characters we love. Those forsaken few who were sold to Sony, Fox, and Paramount can finally join the action.

But I only really care about Spider-Man (whose cinematic rights belong to Sony). Of all the Marvel superheroes, he’s the one who best fits into the humorous Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And here he is. Side by side with a very Robert Downey Jr. inspired Tony Stark.

I know quite a few of you fanboys and fangirls abhor theatrical productions. I get it. They’re over the top. Cheesy, even. Ignoring my hatred of theatre kids (I bare some real deep High School scars) I absolutely adore plays. Especially the cheesy traveling shows that Disney produces. Snow White on Ice? Count me in! Beauty and the Beast in the park? I’m down like a clown. Marvel Universe Live? Do you even have to ask?

Since the cinematic rights to our favorite neighborhood Spider-Man will never likely return to Marvel Studios (at least not before Superhero movies die out), this superhero production is probably your only chance to see the Webhead join forces with The Avengers. I’d happily sacrifice my right arm at the shrine of Joss Whedon if Spidey appears, if only for a brief scene, in one of the next Marvel Studios flicks. But that’s not gonna happen. It doesn’t matter, though, because Marvel Universe Live is the next best thing.

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