We Need To Talk About The AGE OF ULTRON Trailer One More Time

First the trailer for Avengers 2 was leaked a week before it was scheduled to debut, but shortly after the leak, Marvel officially release the teaser for the upcoming 2015 superhero team-up, and everything looks awesome! There is a haunting song (the No Strings Pinocchio song from Disney’s animated classic) playing as a broken “first form” Ultron stumbles into the presence of the Avengers, who look as though they were sitting back having a great time. Ultron condemns the Avengers for being puppets on a string, constantly saving a planet that refuses to change for the better. What follows is a montage of action sequences and a couple shots of Ironman taking on the Hulk in his Hulkbuster armor, reminiscent of the fight between Hulk and Abomination in Phase One’s The Incredible Hulk (starring Edward Norton as the “jolly” green giant).

Aside from the awesomeness of the 2 minute long trailer, we learn some key facts about the movie and where the plot is going and what is in store for the future of the Avengers. From the teaser we learned Ironman is the cause of Ultron, so it is safe to assume that Tony Stark built Ultron to serve as a kind of police for Earth, with Stark optimistically believing that his new machines could replace the Avengers in protecting mankind, probably trusting machines not to be corrupted like people were in Captain America 2. And of course it fails. Now Ultron has an army of drones, two superpowered “non-mutants,” and possibly an infinity stone which he could’ve acquired from Baron Strucker at some point in the film. Why would their be an infinity stone? Because it clearly shows a few of the Avengers dead. With the Soul stone, these heroes could be brought back to life, and drive the over cinematic universe’s storyline closer to the Infinite Gauntlet arc, where Thanos is waiting to beat the crap out of the heroes worse than the Hulk or Ultron could ever do.

As for Hulk fighting against Ironman, maybe he did get possessed, as old rumors implied, by the Scarlet Witch, who may actually be Marvel’s first paranormal character before introducing Doctor Strange. With old Hulk movies, Betty Ross was the only one who could calm the powerful rage monster, but in the trailer it seems that power now falls on Black Widow, who is also rumored to have a thing going on with Bruce Banner.

Finally, with Ultron, while he may claim to be doing everything he’s doing to protect mankind from themselves, his last line, “There are no strings on me,” makes it seem like this is a personal attack, probably on Stark for being forced to protect an “unworthy” race against a more advanced creation, which seems to draw a lot from the old poem “Paradise Lost.” Ultron is no longer humanity’s puppet, and he will make Earth pay for its greed and violence against one another, unless the Avengers can stop him.

The Avengers have their work cut out from them, but all in all, Ultron is just practice for the even greater threat that lies in wait over the horizon, Thanos!