Lou Ferrigno Voices Hulk in AGE OF ULTRON, Meh

I love fan service. I adore it. Whenever Marvel drops a hint about classic characters or tidbits from their comic book universe, my tiny geek heart skips a beat in joy. BUT… I don’t really understand why we perpetually return to Lou Ferrigno for Hulk’s voice. That’s right, in the latest HUGE, UNBELIEVABLE, SO GENIUS MOVE Marvel’s recast Ferrigno as the grumpy green giant in Avengers: Age of Ultron. B-O-R-I-N-G!

I love Ferrigno as much as the next guy, but why should he portray the Hulk? Is he such good pals with Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon that the pair feel some sense of obligation to the body builder. And I say all of this with the utmost respect for Ferrigno. The dude’s a hardworking, diligent, awe-inspiring American success story. He’s succeeded so greatly, and in the face of overwhelming adversity.

But he portrayed the Hulk 30 years ago, can we let go? Mark Rufallo’s a competent guy. Can’t he vocalize the Incredible Hulk instead of Ferrigno?

I don’t know… I love Ferrigno, I do, but this fan service feels ULTRA contrived. As if by casting Ferrigno, they’re further tethering Hulk to his golden years (before Norton or Bana sullied him with their complicated, dark movies… which I absolutely love). “I know Hulk feels kinda muddled and complex, but remember when he was just a fun screaming dude on TV? The Avengers version is totally THAT!!!”

With all of that said, I do love me some Ferrigno screams. Dude’s got the vocal chords of a Tibetan Yeti.

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