Alright everyone please calm down!

I know what you’re thinking: with all the rumors about Robert Downey Jr. and his future with the Marvel Cinematic Universe why should we believe this one? Well for one it’s Variety!

And here’s what they had to say:

Robert Downey Jr. is on the verge of signing on to “Captain America 3,” a move that would bring the Civil War storyline from Marvel’s comicbooks to the bigscreen and trigger the start of a new phase of movies from Marvel Studios.

According to the reputable entertainment site a dream many fanboys and fangirls have had might just be realized through this deal. And recent comments by Tony Stark himself regarding the “big ideas” for the next phase of films gives this latest tidbit some credibility.

The way it’s being framed it feels like this will be the start of a phase long event more than likely leading to a unifying Avengers 3 where we see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes face off against the intergalactic threat, Thanos.

Iron Man vs Cap

Take a moment to calm down. Please CALM DOWN.

Oh forget it jump up and do the happy dance because it’s an amazing time to be a comic book fan. Who knew we lived in a world where such a mammoth arc could get adapted?

But what do you think about all this? Is a Civil War adaption a mistake?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Cilvil War in 2016

SOURCE: Variety

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  • Terry Firth

    I think maybe, the Civil War teaser. is a possible re-issue as next year is the 10th Anniversary. what better time to get the arc back into the collective minds. With this announcement we could be seeing the first seeds being planted of a “Civil War” in the MCU.

    The rumored discussions between Sony and Marvel Studios surrounding Spider-Man’s future would bare evident that a “Civil War” storyline may be in the thinking by the higher up’s. it’s the next logical step for the MCU to take. I’d love a Civil War story played out on the big screen. and more interestingly it’s not a story that would require the X-men, and the FF played a small role. this is very exciting times to be a comic book fan.