Is This The Origin of INHUMANS at Marvel Studios? AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON?

Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige has long supported the idea of an Inhumans movie. While the general public might not be too familiar with these Moon dwelling superheroes, Feige’s convinced that a Game of Thrones style flick would be the perfect introduction. Blackbolt, Medusa, Crystal and the rest of the gang would supply the heavy handfuls of court intrigue, while the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe provides the perfect contrast. You know, because of The Avengers all around goofiness.

While the traditional origin story of the Inhumans is a convoluted affair, new events in ABC’s Agents of SHIELD might provide us some insight into the live action iteration of the characters. In the comics, the Inhumans are the result of the Kree Aliens’ experiments on prehistoric human beings. Those greenish blue¬†extraterrestrials¬†traveled to Earth, messed around with our DNA, and created an entire race of superpowered folk.

Well, in the Agents of SHIELD show, while they’ve yet to confirm any relation to the Inhumans, some real weird stuff’s been happening with the Kree. Chloe Bennett, the actress who plays Skye (or, as I like to refer to her, “the warm hearted girl who teaches the meaning of friendship to all of the mean secret agents”) stated that the mysterious blue corpse of recent episodes is actually a Kree. If you remember, SHIELD scientist studied and experimented with the ol’ blue one in order to create a life-saving serum. Agent Coulson first benefitted from it, following his spear-through-the-heart at the hands of Loki. Skye was next saved by it. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve been told. I quit on the series a few months ago. If I wanted to see Buffy The Super Villain Slayer, I would’ve jumped in the Delorean and set the dial for 98. Would it’ve been that difficult to make a serious, gritty show about super spies? Seriously, Whedon.

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In any case, the combination of Kree and Human DNA, in any form, is a recipe for Inhumans. We heard from our Marvel source only a few weeks ago that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch would owe their cinematic origins to an adaptation of the Inhumans. Combine that bit of news with the leaked after credit scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (SPOILERS ahead!!!) in which Baron Von Strucker refers to the superpowered siblings as experiment survivors, and I’m even more suspicious. If Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are meant to be Inhumans, and this after credit scene suggests that they received their powers from experimentation, then will the Cinematic version of the Inhumans be the result of a Kree based serum? Kree based genetic splicing?

I think so. What do you say on the matter?

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  • Reid Jones

    Kevin Feige already said within 24 hours of the Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver Inhumans rumor that it was false. Sequel movies are taking more priority in Marvel Studios right now and new franchises will likely open up more after Avengers 3 with the presumed retirement of Robert Downey Jr. from the role of Tony Stark.

    • UnleashTheFanboy

      If you take another look at that article, the questions were REALLY broad. I want to see feige say “Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are not Inhumans, and they are not related to Inhumans in any way”

      BTW, read your stuff. Love it. Could probably find you a spot on our team (cash contest every week).

  • TheGoddamnBader

    I think Agents of SHIELD is probably the most serious and gritty thing Marvel have going for them after Captain America.

  • Patrick Penner

    I think Skye might very well be on the way to being an Inhuman. They made reference that Agent Coulson had “side effects” from the syrum (not explaining what yet, just that he’s different) and yet Skye had none, leading to the idea that maybe she is of Kree heritage. The answer to that questions is said to be coming up real soon and there are only 7 episodes left to the season. As far as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch go *spoiler-ish* I noticed that in the lab Loki’s scepter is connected to machines and computers that seemed to be monitoring the Twins. It was stated before that Loki’s scepter worked alot like a Hydra weapon, which were powered by the Teseract which we now know to have been the Space gem. In Avengers it was used to disrupt the power of the Teseract as it was stated that it couldn’t protect itself from itself…. or my thought is from another gem. My theory is not that the Twins are Inhumans but rather the scepter, which had the power to control people for Loki’s bidding, is in fact the Mind gem, used to unlock one’s full potential, thus the creation of “mutants” in the MCU.

    • UnleashTheFanboy

      Until our source is discredited, I stand by her, but that’s an awesome theory. Can I write about it? Or, if you want, you can write about it too. We accept writer apps all the time