First Picture of ULTRON from AVENGERS Set. Not an Iron Man Ripoff

This is most definitely either Ultron or an Ultron bot. I’m calling it right this second!

As AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON films in at its Italian set, we’ve received our very first images from behind the press lines. We’ve already scored some massive sneak peeks at Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who look par for course with their Euro-chic digs, but this Ultron / Ultron-bot steals the show.

ultron image avengers

ultron avengers picture

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That is most definitely not an Iron Man suit. The armor is far more twisted, organic, than any of the compartmented joints of armor that Iron Man sports. The popular theory from the wide world of fandom is that Ultron is a hijacked Iron Man suit. I’m starting to doubt that theory, although our Disney source claims that Jarvis is the basis for the big bad robot’s personality.

According to a few leaked reports a few months ago, the plot of Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron included an army of Ultron robots. If the dude in the picture is only one of many, then the Avengers are in for some mega trouble. Although, I almost prefer Ultron as a solo villain. Let’s not dilute his badassery by drafting a horde of similarly powerful drones.

Give me my Ultron alone and unsullied! Allow him to hijack a few Iron Man suits, especially the Hulkbuster iteration of that red and gold vigilante, but let’s leave the clone army to Star Wars or Dr. Doom. They are after all, only a tiny step higher than the mindless Chitauri soldiers we saw in the first Avengers.

Source: CBN