Hey what a shock, we have another new Iron Man suit and the surprises continue, don’t be like Drax detect the sarcasm, it looks spectacular. Thank you House of Ideas and Hot Toys for this detailed look at Mark XLIII!

Alright I know that by now we’ve all seen countless iterations of this character but I have to say that each movie keeps finding a way to make it feel fresh again. Maybe it’s just me but in the comics I hate Tony Stark, I blame Civil War, but in these flicks I’m always stocked to see Robert Downey Jr. onscreen. And I’m downright giddy to see him duke it out with Ultron!

Just please, after the dust settles from your latest mistake, don’t betray all your ideals by supporting the Superhuman Registration Act and thereby alienating important relationships that have come to define your vigilante career. Especially with Thanos peering across the cosmos at a world that seems ripe for the reaping. Scratch that, do it and we’ll see if this version of Steve Rogers packs it in as the price of freedom gets high!

Captain America thinks on Freedom

But what say you my fellow fanboys and fangirls? Are you on board with this? Do you care about Iron Man‘s new look? Will you re-watch all of Phase One and Two before you witness to this one in action?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Iron Man Epicness

SOURCE: Hot Toys