Aussie Actress Margot Robbie Becomes The Front-Runner To Play TARZAN’s Jane

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It’s been a booming news day to say the least, we have yet another casting story concerning the Warner Bros. Tarzan reboot which stars Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Generation Kill) in the title role. Variety says that Wolf of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie is now the front-runner to play the part of Jane but has yet to get an official offer, Robbie had been previously linked for Sue Storm in Fantastic Four and Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesis. Two-time Oscar winning actor Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds) is said to be playing the villain of the story and Samuel L. Jackson is also being looked at for a role (one that Jamie Foxx passed on). Harry Potter franchise director David Yates is handling directing duties and it’s said that the studio is close to giving Tarzan the greenlight to begin production.

Plot details aren’t being revealed but it’s said to be set after the events we’ve all come to know about the classic story, after Tarzan leaves the jungle and has settled into the ways of the Western world. There have been rumblings of aliens being involved in the story but we’ve heard similar oddball rumors when Disney was rebooting The Lone Ranger, which had werewolves pegged as supernatural villains of the film.

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  • bOb

    In the new tarzan film, they have to move away from the old concept of Tarzan. Go to the source material and portray the character as he was created. He’d be seen in a civilized setting, wearing clothing like anyone else. When the story leads him to a wild, jungle setting, he will become as savage a creature as any of the other beasts of the jungle. But he’d have to shed that clothing.

    Alexander Skarsgard is not the right choice to play this kind of a character.