Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes On Drug Cartels In First Trailer And Images From SABOTAGE

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been lumbering his way back into the action genre. A few recent box office missteps included The Last Stand and Escape Plan. While not great films, they did showcase Arnold still has a few more miles left in him. His next film looks to be on point this time around. As he’ll be seen next in Daivd Ayer’s (Fury, Street Kings)  DEA vs Drug Cartel action flick Sabotage. Ayer is best known for writing Training Day and directed last year’s gritty cop drama End of Watch. David currently shooting the WWII tank action film Fury which stars Brad Pitt. Arnold’s supporting cast in Sabotage includes Sam Worthington (Avatar), Max Martini (Pacific Rim, Captain Phillips), Terrence Howard (Dead Man Down, Crash), Olivia Williams (Rushmore), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Josh Holloway (Lost, MI4) and Mireille Enos (World War Z). We also have some official stills from the film thanks to USAToday.

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