Area 407 Coming April 27th (Finally)

Formally Tape 407, this rather unknown film is seeing a small theater release. Long story short, it’s a found footage film with dinosaurs. Jurassic Park mixed with Cloverfield? Heck yes. Now it’s finally getting a release. On April 27th, it’ll be airing in select theaters and on some digital outlets. Here’s the official description and two new posters coming from Dread Central and Bloody Disgusting.

After taking off on a flight from New York to Los Angeles on New Years Eve, the passengers of Flight 37A are soon sent into shock and alarm as the plane experiences severe turbulence. The relentless weather attack causes panic and terror amongst the passengers until the plane ultimately crashes in a remote government-testing reserve, AREA 407. Through footage captured by two teenage sisters, the accident and crash lead to further events that should not be viewed by the faint of heart. As they continue to film, it becomes apparent that the remaining survivors of Flight 37A may not survive the night.

Excited? This film looks to be a little gem among the big releases of this year. Check out the trailer here.

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