Are Disney Hoping To Create Their Own STAR WARS Cinematic Universe?

star wars banner Are Disney Hoping To Create Their Own STAR WARS Cinematic Universe?

Apologies for the barrage of Star Wars: Episode VII news here on the site, but everyone is immensely excited and there’s tons of news on the project right now, which is tremendous. Anyway, just now we reported that the storyline for the Sequel Trilogy will be original and won’t directly follow any stories from the Expanded Universe books, and earlier we were speculating on who should direct the new sequel. Well, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Disney is looking at several options to continue the franchise and one of them is to create their own cinematic universe…

“Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that one possibility being considered is an Avengers-style movie universe with not only Lucas’ planned final trio of films but offshoot movies focusing on individual characters.”

This isn’t at all out of the realm of possibility, given how successful the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been and I’m sure Disney will want to exploit it in any way possible. If they follow through this that idea, this means we could get Star Wars: Origins movies! When I was younger and thought I was some kind of creative genius, I had planned out nine different “Origins” movies (similar to X-Men Origins: Wolverine) telling the stories of seperate Star Wars characters – Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Sidious and even Darth Vader himself.

I honestly think that would be a cool direction for the franchise to go in. How do you think Disney should introduce Star Wars to a new generation? Share your thoughts below.


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  • Freefinger

    We kinda already know what we need to know about the characters… And making a film just on the ones we don’t have the backgrounds on like Han Solo & Chewie just seems wasted time.

    I’d rather have the next 3 movies (7, 8, 9) or if you’re going to do an origin movie, go for the whole Jedi way and how they came to be.

    But let’s hope we won’t get too much of the “One day, a Jedi will be so powerful that he’ll be either the savior or the destroyer..” thing.. We get it.. Darth Vader.. yeah yeah…

    To have movies that would be sort of the 3.1; 3.2; 3.3 that would show us more about how the Empire was built with the Emperor and Vader could be good, but as always you need to have something very strong in order not to do a crap fest (see Episodes 1 to 3) and destroy the franchise even more.

    I’m happy that Disney got to do this deal. Lucas showed us that he was now at a stage that the stories didn’t actually flow any good into them. It started with Return of the Jedi, while good, it was nothing compared to Ep 4 & 5, and I catch myself skipping over most of the Ewoks scenes as they are just the beginning of the end for a franchise that could’ve been so dark just before the rebirth of the Jedis.

    When you compare the story lines of Luke going head to head against his father and the Han Solo & the Ewoks you just can’t figure out what Lucas was trying to do .. Complete his Masterpiece, or sell freaking toys… I get it.. Toys sell and make money for the franchise, but Ep 4 & 5 sold tons of good toys and still had a very good story line…

    Anyhow.. I certainly hope that Disney can bring back the Franchise to a whole new level… Either by going to the next story line as Luke tries to rebuild the Jedis, or just the whole “Birth of the Jedis” aspect that could potentially be amazing.

  • StevenC

    KOTOR has a lot of history about the jedi. Movies about that would be awesme

  • jack

    KOTOR would be an awesome movie. i’m afraid the dark side has clouded disneys mind over the years though

  • Surely You Jest!

    Man, only if they could cover the Thrawn trilogy is a series of movies. I think that’d be a pretty good continuation of the original trilogy.

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