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Another Reason To Distrust Bryan Singer With The X-MEN… New Trailer for JACK THE GIANT SLAYER

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I don’t particularly dislike Bryan Singer. I enjoyed the first two X-MEN flicks and I’m in the minority of fanboys who liked Superman Returns (please don’t send me any hate mail… I get enough as it is), but there are quite a few of you who despise the man. The hate was intensified after he was announced as the new director of the First Class sequel, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The main gripe?

“He destroyed the X-Men!”

Those mutant themed flicks weren’t the truest adaptation of the classic uncanny heroes of Marvel fame, but they were still damn entertaining. Now, before you berate me, I’ll admit some of your claims are valid. He turned Cyclops into a little bitch and elevated Wolverine to a hairy, stabby “messiah”, but that was still awesome, right? Can I get a “Hell Yeah”? Maybe just a “sure”?

Nothing? Fine… be that way.

Well, add this to your cautious mistrust of Singer: the new trailer for JACK THE GIANT SLAYER. Just as it sounds, this flick is a play on the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Except this time around there’s a few more giants and about $150 million worth of special effects.  As much as I want to love this movie, mostly because of my sexually-questionable obsession with Ewan McGregor, even I have to yield to its resounding mediocrity. Check it out:

So what do you think? Do you have renewed faith in the mighty Singer? Or are you wary?  I’ll still venture to my crusty little theatre to watch it.  After all, my main man is co-starring…


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  • Sean McArthur

    This is silly. Valkyrie was a legitimately excellent movie – the man knows what he’s doing – and if you don’t particularly love his X-Men movies, you certainly have to admit they’re light-years beyond what anyone has done with the franchise since (including ‘Wolverine’). This is obviously a family movie – not intended for the same audience.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      I have to say First Class was pretty amazing, and I’m in the minority who think X-Men 2 was a bit worse than the first. But I can understand folks’ dissappointment with his direction He makes a decent, solidly directed movie, but they always lack that magic or spontaneaty that the better films have.

  • Davi Lancett

    I really do not understand the hate on Singer over the X-Men movies. The first two were amazing! The third one got away from him but that was largely due to studio pressure, similar to Spidey 3.

    It doesn’t detract from the two films he made that were great. I say he deserves another shot, as the guy who successfully brought them to the big screen in the first place.