Andrew Garfield Talks About Spider-Man as a Hero Without “Skin Color”

On the tail end of an interview with the “Today Show” regarding his insanely popular portrayal of Biff in Death of a Salesman, Andrew Garfield took a few minutes to answer some questions about that pesky little Wall Crawler who we all know and love. In line with what he’s previously stated, Garfield seems to really identify with Spider-Man’s anonymity and the hero’s ability to be portrayed by any individual, regardless of race.

With a few more Spidey sequels still on his plate, Garfield’s championing of a Miles Morales-type character is a bit premature, but maybe he’s just predicting the inevitable trend of these sorts of films. I mean… eventually Sony will ask him to step down, and I guess he wants to make that process as least awkward as possible. ┬áBut hold your horses Garfield, at least let us see The Amazing Spider-Man, first!

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