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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Might Be Heading Across The Pond?

Bleeding Cool have reported that the production title for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel is going to be London Calling. This could be our first peak at where the story line is going, aside from the inclusion of Jamie Foxx playing Electro.

Taking the sequel to London makes sense for two reasons, one of which contains SPOILERS from the first film, so avert your eyes from the next paragraph if you’ve not seen it yet, as well as SPECULATIVE SPOILERS for the future films.

In the comics, while mourning the death of her father, Gwen Stacey moves to London to get away from it all. Of course this follows nicely from the events of the last film and will give Shailene Woodley a perfect chance to shine as the new Mary Jane. While the actress has already stated:

“The Mary Jane role is proving to be only a very small part in Amazing Spider-Man 2 but blossoms into an integral lead for the planned third movie as the studio seeks to build to the classic “Death of Gwen Stacy” story.”

So we have a good idea where the story is heading. As a Brit myself, I can’t wait to have the web-slinger swinging overhead.

Secondly, Brendon Connelly from Bleeding Cool managed to confirm thatLondon Calling:

has indeed been planning for some production over here in the UK. How much? No idea. Yet. But it’s not studio stuff – or at least not just studio stuff. They’re planning to film out and about in the streets.

It seems pretty robust news that this is the case, would a Spider-Man film set in London get you going? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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