Amazing Face Morphs of James Bond, Spider-Man, Superman, and More

“Nah-uh! Sean Connery is the best James Bond ever!”

“Bullshit! Pierce Brosnan fa’ life!”

Does this type of never ending debate sneak its way into your casual (and, perhaps, drunken) conversations? With the long history of re-casts and reboots, debating who has best portrayed the great British man slut is an ever present problem in the life of a geek. Heavy stuff, I know.

Well, one particular redditor has decided to use his super fancy photoshopping skills for the betterment of fandom by melding every actor into a single photo. This mix includes Connery / Lazenby / Moore / Dalton / Brosnan / Craig.

Check it out below:

It’s just so very very… British. I haven’t been able to find any distinct characteristics borrowed from the current Bond, Daniel Craig, but maybe that’s from the lack of blonde hair. ¬†Although, those giant ears look a bit familiar.

The artist also made a morph for Batman (West / Keaton / Kilmer / Clooney / Bale):

One for The Dark Knight love interest Rachel Dawes (Holmes/Gyllenhaal):

I’ve had the HUGEST crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal for the past few years, and I’ve never thought her quirky demure could be improved, but this picture is pretty damn hot.

But enough of my douchey objectification…

The artist made another meld for Superman (Reeve / Cain / Welling / Routh / Cavill)):

And finally, he made one for Spider-Man, combining Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield:

SOURCE: morphinapg

S#!T Talking Central

  • Paul Brzeski

    Where’s the Doctor Who one!!

  • Jeff Rittenour

    combine one of michael myers and all his masks through the years lol

  • IOMDutch

    Scary thing is us tat they all look like they should

  • MarsMallow

    Yeah, the amazing thing is that they all look exactly like the character but not quite like any of the actors. Like the character itself is emerging from the different actors in a way that none of the individual actors could convey. The James Bond and Superman are spot on.

  • Jim

    Actually that face, if you know your faces, is very Irish.

    Many always think of irish faces as red hair and freckles but thats only a segment.
    As always its not the look, although important, its the mojo.