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5 Ways Darth Vader Could Return in STAR WARS EPISODE 7

It’s a fantasy we’ve all dreamed of ever since seeing Return of the Jedi. Ever since seeing our favorite movie villain, Darth Vader himself, bite the dust after nobly redeeming himself from his decades of terror and galaxy-wide genocide, we’ve all dreamed of a true return of the greatest Sith Lord who ever lived.

This…this was not it.

Granted, I’m the one person who didn’t actually hate the prequels all that much, but that’s a discussion for another article. But no matter what you thought of The Prequels (DUN DUN DUN), we can all agree that Vader wasn’t given his due. No one ever asked for a whiny little brat with separation anxiety, we wanted a badass and a true hero to be proud of, not some brain dead pretty boy who could barely fight off a battle droid. All of the heroics were left to Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has always been my favorite thing about The Prequels. Him and General Grievous’s cough.

So that’s settled: George Lucas and Hayden Christensen practically dug Vader’s grave together. The former strangely thought that a mewling little quim would be the fan favorite character, and people would care about him. The latter simply didn’t know how to act.

“I’m Loki Laufeyson, and I approve of that insult.”

Note: As much as people seem to despise Jake Lloyd in Episode I, he’s been forgiven because of the fact that he was a frickin’ kid. Yeah, maybe they should’ve chosen Haley Joel Osment instead (“I can see Jedi people!”), but he was busy becoming the one-hit wonder of one of the two awesome M. Night Shyma-Whocares movies. To Osment’s credit, he was quite a good actor for someone his age.

Now, on to the main point of this topic. Unlike previous lists, which may or may not have been based on speculation, this one is based purely off of my imagination.

The big movie of 2015, to the younger generation’s surprise, will not be Avengers: Age of Ultron or Superman/Batman (I refuse to call it “Batman Vs. Superman.” You can’t make me!). No, my dear internet nerds, it shall be the movie event we’ve waited for since 2005 disappointed every one of us, the year known now for bringing Christopher Nolan’s Batman to the world.

Look at her. Isn’t she precious?! You’re a good movie! Yes you are!

Yes, a sequel to the Original Trilogy, the Force be praised! The one science fiction series that has survived pretty much everything. Even with a few mediocre newer films, it has still been loved by all up to this very moment. Let’s face it, it’s because the mythology is so tightly packed with awesomeness. The Jedi and the Sith and lightsabers and tauntauns…by Jar Jar’s ghost it’s awesome!

Full disclosure: while I have a healthy respect for Star Trek, it shall be the Wars that forever takes my heart. Make all the “science fantasy” wisecracks you want, Trekkies…the good old House of the Turkey Neck wins every time.

Anyways, it’s rumored that the plot will center around an Expanded Universe story where one of Han Solo’s kids becomes a Sith Lord. I’ve read the book, it’s pretty boring. The Expanded Universe, sadly, isn’t really much to write home about. Most of the characters are one-dimensional and flat, they constantly rip off the original movie, and it’s all clearly grasping to replicate the weird magic of the originals. The prequels are actually better, no joke. Plus there’s a really strange trend of characters who are related trying to have sex with each other. It’s like Game of Thrones without the cojones. Seriously, avoid the books.

So instead of that boring ass plot twist that’ll surprise no one, why don’t we just do the thing all the kiddies want anyway: bring Darth Vader back! And without further ado or midichlorians, I now present to the interwebs a few ways this could happen:

5) Resurrection

This has already been done in the Expanded Universe. It works for some, like Boba Fett, and not so much for others, like Emperor Palpatine, who literally came back and made Luke Skywalker a Sith for a little while. This actually happened.

Since we know that the original cast, or what’s left of it, is returning, clearly it’ll be up to the next generation to take this revived Vader down. The perfect candidate for the brand new teenage hero of the Star Wars sequels is none other than Ben Skywalker himself, the son of our old favorite Luke.

He looks way too much like his granddaddy for comfort.

Why would Ben Skywalker go after his grandpa Anakin? Let’s say that through the power of Force MacGuffin Plot Device, Darth Vader comes back from the dead, heals up his burned body and puts back on the infamous suit and helmet. He then collects the possible millions who sympathized with the Empire, buys a bunch of mercenaries, and declares war on the Republic.

Naturally you’ll want a teenage protagonist to identify with. Preferably a Daniel Radcliffe to a Zac Efron. Our revived Vader gives Ben one hell of an incentive.


You don’t know the power of the fried side of the Force.

It’s not Little Orphan Annie himself, it’s a robot! Why the hell not? If C-3PO can know six million forms of communication, how could the remnant of the Empire not want to create a badass robo-Sith? Plus, it wouldn’t have any of Vader’s physical limitations or weaknesses. Here, he’d probably be a Terminator Salvation aka Cinematic Hell style cameo. Ben is confronted by him the same way John “BATMANNNNN” Connor is confronted with a digital AH-NULD SPERMINATOR! You know, because he banged his maid and cheated on a Kennedy? In an otherwise awful film, that fight was the one highlight. Bringing that into a movie that’ll be decent at worst is an awesome fan moment! Don’t tell me you haven’t played this out with your action figures before.

…because I did.

3) Hallucination

Remember that scene in Empire Strikes Back where Luke fights a hallucination of Vader on Dagobah? In that scene that I can’t find anywhere online? That one?!

“Whoa, I’m not using that bacta crap anymore! I’m tripping blasters, mannnnn.”

Yeah, that could happen again. But not on Dagobah. Let’s say our villain, Darth Generic, tries to torture Ben Skywalker in that infamous interrogation scene all present action movies must have. He starts trying to take advantage of Ben’s deepest fears, his insecurities, the fact that his cousin’s girlfriend tried to molest him in one of the Expanded Universe books…that really happened. I’m not providing a link. Anyways, his fears and insecurities could manifest themselves as Vader, clearly someone who Luke would’ve warned him not to become. Vader could represent his fear of the dark side the same way it was for Luke. And if Vader suddenly appeared like this, it would be freaking awesome.

2) Force Ghost

Remember this scene in Return of the Jedi?

Yeah, Hayden “Whiny Bastard” Christensen isn’t there. That’s the sexy original. Only the best for you.

This hypothesis imagines Vader in a far kinder light, serving as a guide and otherworldly mentor similar to Obi-Wan in the originals. This Vader deeply regrets his actions and swears to make sure his grandson doesn’t make the same mistakes he did. He sees this as his final act of penance: looking after his grandson, and making amends. Imagine a scene where Vader and Luke meet again, and apologize to one another. Hell, give Natalie Portman a cameo (anything for Natalie!) and let them have the same thing. It would bring closure to whether or not Vader truly did bring balance to the Force. It would serve as an excellent farewell to the character, and to have him finally become one with the Force in the end.

Even better would to combine the hallucination AND the Force Ghost, and have Vader and Anakin serve as the light and dark reflections of Ben himself. Imagine a battle between both of Anakin’s selves, their grandson’s sanity in the balance. That would be totally wicked.


Because J.J. Abrams is probably directing this (despite rumors that he’ll abandon this for the third Star Trek movie), you naturally gotta throw a total clusterf#$k into the mix somewhere. Somehow, Darth Vader in his prime travels forward in time. Imagine a fully powered Vader versus Luke. Or Vader versus Ben. And it’s not the reformed awesome Vader being discussed earlier, it’s Annie in full on emo bitch mode! Imagine the accidental humor in having a man several decades younger than he should be whining about Tusken Raiders and his mommy to a kid who turns out to be his own grandson!

You know what? That sounds like something George Lucas would try!

The face of pure chin-flapping evil.

Bad George! Bad! How dare you try to ruin your franchise again! Midichlorians baddddddddd.

I really hope George Lucas doesn’t read this. Then everyone will blame me!

To be fair, I’m glad that it’s J.J. Abrams that was picked for the job. The first Star Trek movie was pretty kickass, and Super 8 was surprisingly good for a Spielberg homage. It’s a good thing he has no iffy spots on his record or we could potentially have trouble with him, too.

Oh. Rigggggghhhttttt.

But to be fair, that’s the same amount of nudity that Carrie Fisher had to go through. And if misguided attempts at empowered feminity is the worst Abrams can do, then clearly he’s the best guy for the job. I’m sure than Generic Scantily Clad Woman would agree.

Note: Yes, that scene was sexist as hell. UTF is far more in favor with the Joss Whedon model of feminism rather than the Hugh Hefner one. Let it be known that Black Widow was a major step forward for female characters in tentpole movies. Although the best female superhero is still Hit-Girl, Matthew Vaughn be praised. Let it be known that Hit-Girl is one of the best superheroes, period. Chloe Moretz be praised.

That’s all we got. This one was a little more off-kilter than normal, but this is a pretty off-kilter topic. Please let the fine folks at UTF know what you think should happen in Star Wars Episode VII: Something Happens.

Note: I swear on my Yoda doll, if Patton Oswalt’s Marvel/Star Wars crossover is the actual plot, some corporate executive at Disney is going to get smacked. Hard.

S#!T Talking Central

  • http://grind2shine.podomatic.com/ Hulon Pate Jr

    Vaders is not coming back. The emperor is however ,well maybe. Vader was not the greatest sith who ever lived. Have a huge feeling that Disney is going to fuck it up good and proper with some True Blood Meets Twilight era Starwars. Hope they will do the main story arch from several of the Novels , it is the best source material with some of the best stories (Lucas approved) The Yuuzhan Vong war most likely to happen.

  • http://www.zacharycochran.com/ Zachary Cochran

    Cloning. That’s the only way Vader could return. Spaarti cloning cylinders. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Spaarti_cloning_cylinder

    In other news, I fully expect Disney to throw the Expanded Universe canon to the wind (giving a serious attempt at a nod to it, yes) but will endure a $#*!STORM from loyal fans who know the history of Star Wars better than the writers and directors and producers of Episode VII. I would LOVE love love to be wrong, but I think it’s so unlikely that they’re doing to do it justice, that the diehard fans are just going to have to come to terms with Lucas’s (and now, Disney’s) revisionism.

    • http://www.zacharycochran.com/ Zachary Cochran

      And yes, I did just discover you can upvote your own comments.

  • Crixxxx

    Anakin’s dead. He ain’t coming back. A clone would be another Hayden Christensen with no injuries, and therefore, no need for a life support suit and mask. Bringing back Vader would be a sign of zero creativity and new ideas on the part of the filmmakers. Think of some original ideas, for crying out loud, rather than rehashing all the old characters and concepts simply due to popularity.

    • Jai Guru

      “Think of new ideas”

      Like not rehashing a humdrum 1970’s popcorn sci fi flick in the first place?

      • Crixxxx

        No, like adding new things and completely different environments to the saga as they went along, the way the three original Star Wars movies did instead of just showing the same things again.


    Star Wars is childish crap, and no one should be excited about it. Maybe if they weren’t then studios might actually make a proper movie

    • Phill A. Sheeo

      Wow, you been sniffin’ the douche powder!? Feel better now?

    • Mr. Gibs

      A wild butthurt appears!

  • Pronk

    Here is any idea, don’t bring vader back, because there is no actual way to do it that won’t be a stretch. Vader became a part of the force. His story is done. Don’t Indiana jones 4 this thing by refusing to move on.

  • Siyabonga Africa

    No, no and no. Let sleeping dogs lie…or better yet, dead Jedi remain dead. The whole point of the Anakin/Darth Vader story (from prequels to OT) was to showcase the rise, fall and redemption of that character (albeit in the background of a larger story). Anakin/Darth Vader redeemed himself by killing the Emperor. Bringing him back with any inclination of being evil undoes that finale which we got in Ep 6. They should focus on the next gen of Skywalkers (if the Skywalkers have to be the focus of this story – which I really think they shouldn’t) – and a new big bad since this is a universe we’re talking about so there can be other villains not necessarily linked to Emperor or the sith.

  • Phill A. Sheeo

    You are clever writer, writer, but your idea is really stupid. See, that would kill the entire point of the originals if you bring him back. My god, if people can’t come up with an original story then lets just let this fucking thing lie down and die. 😀

    • Mr. Gibs

      No need for an original idea IF THEY WOULD JUST FOLLOW THE EXPANDED UNIVERSE. Forget VII, why not just make movies about KOTOR?

  • Lame Article

    In the style of comic book guy: “worst ideas ever”

  • billmausart

    Luke becomes Darth Vader…like his father before him. Its the only thing that would have any WEIGHT and it feels plausible–and we would be rooting for him to return to the good side because we’ve actually SEEN that there is good within him–but whatever it was that turned him must have been so awful that it just corrupted him to the core…maybe the death of Leia at the hands of trusted friends making him lose faith in humanity.

  • Billy

    I thought this was supposed to be a piece about possible future plot directions for the films, not a one-sided bashing of the EU book series. Those books, by the way, are what really built and expanded on the Star Wars mythology which you claimed in your article as being “so tightly packed with awesomeness”. After the ‘Return of the Jedi’ came out in 1983, it was Star Wars literature, not replays of the trilogy on VHS, that kept the franchise alive and the fans interested for over 15 years before the shitquels were released.

    As for Darth Vader coming back, that just cannot happen. In Episode VI Anakin was redeemed, he died and became one with the Force. His story has been told already, and to just bring him back against the grain of decades worth of stories to possibly appease some kiddies would completely undo that. Anyone who doesn’t see this doesn’t understand Star Wars. Still, that doesn’t mean Disney won’t defy all and try to finagle Lord Vader into the sequels somehow. It just cannot be Anakin Skywalker. It’s bad enough that the possibility of Disney adapting the the books is approximately 3,720 to 1, but to ruin the movies as we know them already would be even worse.

    Any method to argue time travel or an alternate dimension would be a cliche, but that would also be the cushiest way to deviate from the established EU timeline. Disney says that the new films will follow a completely new untold story, so key figures might only be loosely included or alluded to. There are over 60 years of fan favorites to get this done. One of the biggest parts of the EU saga is of course Jacen Solo becoming a Sith. But to establish that character as he is in the books would take too long, given all the events that shaped him and the galaxy throughout 30 books. If a key EU story was to be used as a base for the next trilogy, the New Jedi Order books would be the way to go. The events take place 21 years after Episode VI, and it’s a great introduction to the Solo children.

    PS. “I’ve read the book, it’s pretty boring.” The NJO series spans 19 books on its own. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • club penguin star wars

    Most likely if they bring the Vader man back is time travel just like in the post but if time travel was the case Vader never really died in fact when he blew up with the death star something else happens he was sucked into a time portal in which he got sent into the future where he now plans to rebuild his army to do something evil and ben Skywalker has to stop him

  • Stars and Bars Forever

    The only real way to bring Anakin back (and his return is more or less mandated by the fact that he is the main character of the ENTIRE saga) is in the form of a ghost. Obi-Wan and Yoda’s character arcs are more or less played out (Luke finally accomplished their mission of destroying the Empire). Anakin will have to be their replacement.

  • Jon Racioppi

    Force Ghost is the only way to go that makes sense to me. I honestly don’t see why there would be a need to even bring him back anyway. Time to move it all forward.

  • Five-foot Sith Lord

    There’s another way – a Dark Force-user wearing a replica of V’s suit to impersonate him and rally support from Imperial supporters. People, especially Luke, could really think he’s Vader, at least at first. We could have Luke go to him and falling into captivity/ getting injured, and then discovering he’s not the real Vader. Plus, there could be Anakin’s Force-ghost appearing to injured Luke to help him fight the impostor.

  • David aka Sum Gui

    Argument for keeping Anakin Skywalker/Lord Vader central character in Episodes VII-X……………

    I am a huge fan of continuing Episodes VII-X with Anakin (YES, I said Episode X… better story/character arcs and story progression imho), and am laying out some of my argument for why that would be a nice path for the story to take. It is not only possible… it lends some much needed credibility/reality/charcter depth to the ending sequences in Return of the Jedi if you really think about it……….. And yes, I see the puzzled looks on many of you. I can hear you say, “WE WATCHED HIM DIE! HE WAS BURNT TO A CRISP IN A FUNERAL PYRE & WE SAW HIM AS A FORCE GHOST!!”

    Yes you did… and as soon as George Lucas could do so he added the younger version of Anakin to the ending of ROTJ on one of the re-releases. I think I see a possible reason why……. just indulge me some here fellow Star Wars fans. :-) If you loved the feel of Darth Vader from the Episodes “A New Hope” and “Empire Strikes Back” and found that the realization that Luke’s father WAS Darth Vader was moving and an amazing plot twist, then you may like where I am suggesting the writers go with this (if they aren’t already…).

    So, below I lay out a bit of an argument for why I believe in continuing on with the story of Anakin Sywalker…. Lord Vader… and why I believe it opens up the story to an even more incredible story arc than we have already experience with this Anakin. I also argue for an Episode X, so who knows….. 😉 I posted this on another site that was talking about the return of Vader, but hard to get a good discussion going there so far. I’d love to see if the idea of bringing Anakin back with a twist gains some traction among other fans like myself. Summary: I want Anakin back, and I want to be surprised when it’s revealed that dying was all a part of the plan………

    [AND NO… I do not want a “light side only” version of Anakin talking to Luke from beyond and doing nothing more…… I want the bad guy back. I believe his journey to the dark side is only in intermission if the writers do what I’m thinking would be cool………]

    Okay… here goes… I’m weighing in on Star Wars VII. Total nerd, I am, and good story too… would like to see. *best Yoda voice*

    Like you reading this, I do the usual nerd review of all the latest star wars news, and like many of you, dream up my own “wouldn’t that be cool if they did that” scenarios… The possibility of staying with Anakin’s story has me fascinated because it seems very few see the potential here for a real twist that could take things to the next level for the Star Wars story… which is in fact Anakin’s story, despite the expanded universe’s apparent need to fill in gaps around this central character.

    I see here a way of tying this all together and bringing great coherency to what could otherwise become very fractionated story telling………

    I see the potential for a d!@# nice new story arc here… and yes… with the big bad guy in black back in action… suit/voice optional, as much as I love cyborgs and James Earl Jones.

    So here is the random thing that kicked this thought off for me… Some of the more interesting reads I have come across lately have attempted to take George Lucas’ fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants form of story/character development and pin it against reality. Fun thing to do in your spare time. :-) For example, a pretty cool article analyzing the skeletal x-ray images from the electrocution scene at the end of Return of the Jedi. It went into specifics about what vertebrae were damaged, what mechanisms were located in the shoulders/arms, and all kinds of random stuff like that. I also found another one in which our friend Anakin was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder… met enough of the criteria plus a couple to land a firm diagnosis. THIS is the one that really got my juices flowing…. So let me ask you all the same question I was asking myself… if we are trying to keep our fiction as realistic as possible, how on earth are we buying this whole last minute redemption stuff in ROTJ? Hard to see, the dark side is……….. Easy to see, BPD is……… ;-P

    So work with me… Darth Vader, as usual, allowed his emotions to lead the way just as the dark side calls for. He, in a fit of passion, attempts to end the Emperor, ***WHO HE WAS PLANNING TO OVERTHROW ANYWAY***, in an effort to continue reaching out to his son who had great dark side potential. NOW REALLY THINK ABOUT THIS… I want to challenge what we commonly believe about that “death of Anakin” nonsense from ROTJ……..


    *thinking more*

    *scratching head some*

    *ready to continue*

    SO…. Are we, as the audience, REALLY ready to believe a little bit of well-placed force shock (not enough to hurt Luke, keep in mind) and a re-severed (yes, re-severed) hand actually kicked off the events leading to Anakin’s death (yeah… the guy who survived getting set on fire and having his limbs severed in ROTS!), then fine… he died and became a force ghost. (Return of the Jedi seems to have concreted this plot point… so fine… I’ll work with it). Knowing that he was hit and seeing the only path for him to truly take over the galaxy is through his son Luke… he devised the ultimate plan for his survival and return to even greater power. Think about it… he learned from the best!! Palpatine plotted and planned and schemed WELL UNDER THE JEDI RADAR for quite some time, so why wouldn’t Anakin be similarly talented being the subject of our story??? He could have seen something we as the audience hadn’t yet (yes, this is the same guy who can see things ahead of when they happen, so work with me here)…. he saw the winning play and he took it.

    I personally vote for a better interpretation of the ROTJ Anakin dying thing…….. Raw evil gut instinct, master deception, stunning manipulation, and a deep desire for ultimate power preying even on his son to get it…. NOW THAT’S THE DARTH VADER WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE!! This is a character who is absolutely geared with a need to control, and is just misguided enough to think he is doing the right thing… when he is in control he can establish “peace” in his empire, and he can have his son at his right hand helping him on his (not so) noble quest for tranquility in this galaxy far, far away.

    “The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be… unnatural.” Add a dash of midichlorians (life forms inside the cells of ALL living things… allows one to commune with the Force) and you have an instant recipe for the path to greater darkness. I can practically hear Vadar’s march playing in the background.

    So yeah…. Anakin is focused on Luke as his heir AND as his new apprentice… father and son ruling the galaxy is the dream for Mr. Vader, right? And just like the great Sith Lords before him, he KNOWS how to lure his prey and KNOWS how best to bend others to his will. Whether Luke eventually falls or not… either way… ruling the galaxy is and has always been Anakin’s intention since the moment he turned more dark than light that fateful day at the lava pit. Question now is, can he use his son to return to even greater power?

    Vader dies… Luke is convinced he is good… he communes with him as a force ghost… meanwhile Anakin subtly, under the radar of even the audience begins to manipulate. I wouldn’t really want the audience to totally catch on until somewhere near end of Episode VIII, but he plays a big role as a force ghost in VII if I had my way. By end of VIII he is back to full form baddy and Luke is caught in a Dark rift… he starts to fall as well… the audience is in shock as it is now about the possible redemption of Luke in IX… and the next generation fighting to undo the new threat to the galaxy. Anakin’s story is one of tragic success… it looks powerful, it claims to be working in our interests to stabilize the galaxy for the peace of all… and we’re stuck dealing with it. The evil won and there is nothing but a small shred of hope going into Episode X. I want to see an Anakin that is slick, polished, totally evil, manipulative… and I want to NOT SEE IT COMING UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!!! I want to FEEL LIKE I DID WHEN LUKE LEARNED VADER WAS HIS FATHER… and THIS betrayal could do it. The redeemed… even in the mind of the audience here… is nothing more than a rotted, festered, and molded spewing forth a new type of power-hungry evil the galaxy had never before thought possible… slithered in like a polished snake and bit you before you knew it was there. Good didn’t die… it morphed into true evil. (BPD will do that to anyone with intense Jedi powers. Too bad the therapists way, way long ago in that galaxy far, far away couldn’t catch and diagnose it in time! Jedi counsel should have had a shrink on it is all I’m saying here. ;-P )

    I know at least some of you are cursing at me by now. You die hards! Trust me… it would be a fascinating approach and more than enough to develop a fascinating story and character arcs for Episodes VII, VIII and IX, leaving room for X even without growing old or stale. :-) I would love to see Episode X as the climax to all this. We were all expecting IX since the announcement, but imagine the kind of cliff hanger they could leave for us at IX with the arc I just presented??? I would be hanging on the edge of my seat waiting with baited breathe!!!!!!!

    VII – We, as an audience see Anakin’s influence over Luke as it has developed over the last 30 years. We, as an audience see that government and relations between worlds and peoples do not magically mend just because the Emperor’s death star blew up (presumably with him in it). It has been a struggle for the former rebels/supporters of the old republic. Luke has lead a long life and is warn, yet dedicated to helping restore balance. Leia takes after her mother… an ever dying believer in the Republic and it’s values. Luke just sees the damage left by both the Republic and the Empire. And of course, Han and the bots are more than willing to dive into action with Luke when needed. Leia tends to her governance duties (whatever her role may be) and is a loving doting mother to her and Hans children…… strong personalities to say the least, with the same inability to stay out of the action as the rest of their bloodlines. Anakin the Force Ghost guides and fools everyone into believing his involvement from beyond is all nice and light side……. Nobody has a clue yet, but he does seem to have keen knowledge of the way things are playing out.

    VIII – We the audience, experience the merciless and cruel death of Leia at the hand of a new Sith threat being hunted by Luke. Everything twists from this point forward. Luke is grief struck. Han is pure anger and retribution. Leia’s children step it up a notch and turn to Luke to learn more of the Jedi way, just as Anakin learns to………… materialize, after which he learns to………… be in control and handle the situation, teaming with his son, twisting his mind slowly, subtly, with only the most keenly observant audience member gaining even half a clue until the next film gives it away a little more. Anakin back in full form appears all the hero and returns to a level of respect and authority one could imagine after coming back from the dead and having a good part of the structure they built (the Empire) still standing. He says all the right things, and brings diverse factions back into the fold… all in the name of rooting out the evil in the galaxy… those evil sith!!! They did this!!!

    God is Han angry these days……. And Luke….. impressionable and in awe of his father, who he is geared to revere on many levels…. Emotions striking him in ways unexpected…. Especially after Leia… oh Leia…. Why!!?

    IX – Time has passed and Anakin rises to greater and greater power, has warped Luke the way Palpatine had warped him…….. uses Luke……. Leia’s children growing concerned as Anakin is nearly dismissive of them and starts to play “two sides against the middle” with Luke and the kids. Near the end of the film, Han smells bad coming and has for some time.. he has been secretly preparing, getting ready the resistance. He is old, tired, cranky, feeling his end is near… but won’t die without avenging Leia’s horrific final moments. He has a bad feeling about Anakin. He’s street smart, and he knows how to talk to people. He sees it. He tries to get Luke to see it. His kids don’t want to believe him, for as much as they love their father, they believe him to be eccentric and half mad at times… not handling Leia’s death well at all. The kids also want to learn the ways of the Force, and don’t want doubt casted on their mentors. Han loves his kids, but they are grown and he feels they don’t need him…. They hardly respect him some days…. Until they do…. Until they see for themselves he was right all along and even without the power of the Jedi he used good as a tool of power for all… to his dying moment. Again and for the final time, Han saves the day for many including his children who watch his death with their own eyes and hear his final words to them with their own ears… he warns them off the path of Luke and Anakin. “Fight the good fight, but remember who you are… what you stand for… and don’t EVER let that change. Your Mom didn’t. I didn’t….. Your Mom and I love you. (Pause…. Sudden explosive death by his own choice… a choice which saves countless others and pays back the slayer of Leia, because our Han wouldn’t have died for anything less!!)” I’d like to think our hero Han is blown to bits in a way that leaves a profound impact on both the audience and the kid characters, and sets the stage for the ultimate showdown between dark and light in Episode X. Questions in Episode X will be how does it end, and just how messy is this family going to get before it’s over??? Where will the values fall??? Where will the loyalties fall??? What of the fate of the universe??? Lots of action and dramatic storytelling in Episode X on this arc!!

    The rise, fall, redemption and return of Anakin Skywalker…. Lord Vader. (Still leaving room for an epic winner takes all battle in Episode X). So yeah…. Tell me Vader ain’t still got some potential people!!?

    Lots of opportunity to story tell, to draw meaningful parallels to our modern day real life, and to continue developing characters that are known and loved to a HUGE worldwide audience. We get our surprises and twists back that we have been missing since IV, V and VI. I know everyone wants little Ani a good boy and in his resting place of heavenly (last minute) redemption, but I want a more fleshed out version that’s real, raw, devious, truly dark. I want this character to be the ultimate study in how a character can lose their innocence and gain a new hope in something far more dark and horrid. I mean, really… nobody wants this type of character in the neighborhood but we will ALL watch him on TV/film, right?

    So yes… for me… younger Anakin as a force ghost, eventually near end of VIII manipulating the midchlorians to regain a hold in the physical universe, manipulating and using an older Luke Skywalker who eventually falls himself… the only hope being the younger cast who will pull this story forward… they chase Vader and Luke while Luke and Vader hunt down and kill the remaining Sith in their self-deluding attempt at using the dark side to establish the family brand of peace… You really thought all the Sith were gone???! Hehawww space cowboys and cowgirls!! *best Han Solo impression* And yeah… I want Leia leaving her legacy on the light side of the force, though feel the character is about as developed as she can be and wouldn’t mind seeing her sacrificed in trade for good story telling and better development of the other characters. Imagine this affect on Luke, and on Han? Imagine the character development opportunities all around if she died in XII? Imagine how Anakin can use her death to further manipulate and twist Luke’s brain?? Imagine a jagged, edgy Han who wants nothing more than to avenge his slain wife with his very last breath?? Imagine when he gets the chance and actually does them some damage??


    If anyone from Disney is reading I am for hire!! 😉 If anyone else is reading, please be kind with your comments, and may the Force be with you.

    p.s. End of Episode X I want to know the droids are still around and I want to have a clue what becomes of them after the film. I feel they have always served as an odd kind of a framing device, almost as if they are symbolically the ones telling us the story from long, long ago……. Would be a cool feeling to have an indication of this in the close of the Anakin Skywalker story. Disney can do all the spin-offs they want around these main 10 installments, but leaving these 10 focused on the Anakin arc would just be plain awesome in my book!

    • Jai Guru

      You took forever to say nothing.

      Tl;DR- Generic light side/dark side split personality plot. For the love of god I hope you’re going to vo tech.

  • Joe

    Sorry to spoil things for you but JJ has already said that he is ignoring the EU books, episode 7 is an original story, new characters and new stories to tell.
    Vader is gone. But Anakin now at one with the Force will likely advise his son Luke.

    • Mr. Gibs

      Abrams is an idiot for doing that, and fans were quite pissed about it, rightfully so. Fuck VII, just make movies about the events of The Mandalorian Wars, The Sith Wars, etc. I’d like to see movies about the original sith. KOTOR is such a rich source of story, they could string together at least ten movies with all the lore from the old republic era.

      • Jai Guru

        What else did you expect from J J “Couldn’t make a star trek movie for star trek fans” Abrams? He’s a virus.

  • Jason Cerundolo

    To be honest, I’m a fan of the entire saga. Jake Lloyd, considering that he was a kid at the time, wasn’t “that bad”. Christensen shares a bit more of the blame, but he never had any trouble fighting a battle droid. The only ones who ever outmatched him were Count Dooku (whom he later killed) and Obi-Wan. As for 2005 being a disappointment, that was considered the BIG redeemer for the majority of fans who were disappointed with Episode I & II. I have other issues with this article, but I don’t really care to list them right now. Not trying to sound defensive, but I can easily find explanations for a lot of things fans seem to find questionable or problematic, to be polite.

  • Bryant Vanwinkle

    Anakin/ Vador Is the chosen one. He cannot be defeated.

  • Crtlew

    I agree with a previous post. Put some mystery villain in the Vader suit. Part of the story arc could revolve around who is this guy? Kind of like the Dread Pirate Roberts of the Princess Bride, It doesn’t matter really who is Roberts/Vader. Its the name/look that causes fear

  • James McFarland

    A Terminator Darth Vader robot is a brilliant idea. The new Emperor could create a new Darth Vader to scare the crap out of everyone and program it to terminate jedis……..brilliant !!!!

    After all, Vaders body was a robot in the original films…..

  • Mr. Gibs.

    Why not just forget Episode VII, AND MAKE WHAT THE FANS ACTUALLY WANT. By this, I mean: MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT REVAN.

    • Jai Guru

      How about we just close this pathetic chapter in the history of people who don’t shower and move on with original movies?

  • Jai Guru

    SJWs? In my star wars? Go fuck yourself. I want titties.

  • Rolling Guy

    Darth Revan crashes the party. Let’s see how that plays out.

  • Stu Feils

    Anakin was the Chosen One according to Jedi legend. Lucas had subtle (and not-so-subtle) Judeo-Christian overtones to the whole Jedi/Force/Sith thing. What if Anakin has resurrected, much like the risen Jesus? Perhaps the Force grants him a perfected body much like the Biblical Christ’s body.

    • Susan Harding

      I like your Idea i didn’t think of that . you have a point they could make a clone and Aniken take over . Have you seen the movie Self/less yet it just came out thats what gave me the idea

  • Paul

    It is Disney, right? Palmer might have a point.

  • Me

    Vader is for sure coming back, no matter what you guys want. But I’m not allowed to give you guys any spoilers.

  • JWA8402

    Stupidest article I’ve read in a while…