TEEN TITANS GO! “Waffles” Review

TTG_ep39_Waffles_Still01So….an episode title named “Waffles“. Huh.

In this segment, the Titans become annoyed when Cyborg (Khary Payton) and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) start saying “waffles”, and nothing but “waffles”, seemingly as part of a game, and whoever says anything but “waffles” would presumably lose.

So, when the Titans get an emergency signal, they gladly use the opportunity to escape Dumb and Dumber, and head out, only to get captured by Brother Blood (John DiMaggio). Under threat of torture, they crack. Now, it is all up to the two guys who can’t stop saying “waffles”!

I’ve mentioned in the past how I dislike Cyborg and Beast Boy in this show sometimes. They can be really annoying, with their “dude” and “bro” talk….but they’re even worse here! The whole “waffles” thing gets old amazingly fast. They don’t even stop when they’re being literally tortured! C’mon!

TTG_ep39_Waffles_Still03Other minor things I didn’t like: How come Raven couldn’t break the energy field they were trapped in? I know it’s for comedy, but I didn’t like how the Titans got intimidated so easily.

Fans will be happy to hear DiMaggio reprise his role as Brother Blood from the original series…but unfortunately, he doesn’t get much to work with here.

In the final scene, Beast Boy says of the “waffles” gag: “It’s not funny anymore”. That sums up almost the whole episode. But hey, I got to type “waffles” a bunch! I never thought that would happen!