TEEN TITANS GO! “Sidekick” Review


Batman fans should be pleased with “Sidekick“, as he has an undeniable presence in this one.

When Batman goes away on “business”, he gives Robin (Scott Menville) the boring job of watching over the Batcave. This includes feeding the Bat-fish. Unfortunately, his fellow Titans follow him, and tease him on his status as sidekick.

Robin tries to get them to forget that ridiculous idea, but that proves to be a daunting task, as Robin is utterly petrified when even just thinking about Batman’s wrath. When the HIVE Five attack, and the Titans use pilfered items from Batman’s storage, can Robin rise to the occasion?


I’ve noticed lately that Robin seems to have the most episodes centered around him. I can see why, though. From all the Titans, he is probably the funniest since he is so out-of-character. Whenever he panics, or shows off, that is something the real Robin would never do…and that is why it becomes humorous. In the comics, Robin respects Batman. Here, admiration becomes fear, it seems.

Not that the other Titans aren’t funny. It is pretty amusing how they don’t fear Batman one bit, going as far as to mess around with various doo-dads that Batman has collected/built over the years (and you gotta love the Batgirl costume that Starfire puts on!)


The only let-down for me was Batman’s cameo. I was hoping that since this was a Batman-themed episode, he would get a bigger role. Not that the cameo wasn’t nice, but it was almost identical to another cameo he had. I was expecting more.

Otherwise, solid episode. I think Teen Titans Go! has more or less hit it’s stride.