TEEN TITANS GO! “Gorilla” Review

I don’t like gorillas, by the way. They look too human. Anyway, on to the review. Spoilers, I guess.

In “Gorilla“, Robin (Scott Menville) is once again annoying his team, in this case because he is being a bit too picky (no slouching allowed in HIS tower, I guess), and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) is having none of it. Feeling some teenage stubbornness, BB informs Robin that from now on, he will be replacing the Boy Wonder as Teen Titans leader

Robin tries to stop Beast Boy, but gets sat on. Afterwards, as Beast Boy leads the team into madness, Robin trains with Cyborg (Khary Payton) to become the “alpha”, leading to a climax involving…a feather?

This segment is…possibly my least favorite from the series so far. It was annoying and the whole premise made no sense at all. First off, Beast Boy is a slacker, but even in this comedy, him openly rebelling and beating up Robin is just wrong. And the fact that the other Titans mostly don’t help is weird. Beast Boy forces the team to act like monkeys, and ignores (and destroys) distress signals, and they continue to let him be leader?

There is even a scene where Robin confronts Cyborg about this, and Cyborg explains that it doesn’t matter who is better at being leader. Yeah, he actually says that. Wow. The climax is also pretty silly. Robin tickled Beast Boy, and I guess that makes everything okay.

To be fair, Robin is still pretty funny, and Menville gives him such energy. Unfortunately, Robin is the only light here.

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