TEEN TITANS GO! “Caged Tiger” Review


This episode of Teen Titans Go! is aimed at the bros. Spoilers ahead.

After Robin (Scott Menville), Cyborg (Khary Payton), and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) return home from their “bro-cation”, Dr. Light (Rodger Bumpass) attacks the city. The bros know they can win….if they could only escape the elevator. It might all be up to Starfire (Hynden Walch) and Raven (Tara Strong).

One thing I should say up front is that I was concerned about the whole “bro” aspect of this episode. As you readers might know, I am not particularly fond of Cyborg or Beast Boy’s “dude” talk, and I was concerned we would get a lot of that here.

Actually, the episode is pretty good. The whole elevator scene could have been tedious, but some funny comedic timing helped some scenes stand out, and while a certain gross Beast Boy wasn’t necessary, it could have been far worse. The writers showed restraint.

Did Cyborg turn into a Gumball character?

Did Cyborg turn into a Gumball character?

In the sub-plot, Starfire and Raven actually end up becoming friends with Dr. Light, and they end up having fun, telling dumb jokes, and going out to eat (including having dessert). It’s all pretty cute, although this leads to a pretty mean-spirited ending.

Speaking of Dr. Light, fans will be pleased to note that Rodger Bumpass reprises the role from the original Teen Titans series. Although, I have to wonder then why he couldn’t reprise the role in “Colors of Raven“. Oh well, whatever.

So…this ended up being better than I thought. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what Caged Tiger refers to…I’m not telling!