TEEN TITANS GO! “Breakfast Cheese” Review

TTG_ep38_BreakfastCheese_Still04Starfire gets her own episode to show off peace and love. What are the results?

In this segment, Starfire (Hynden Walch) becomes distressed when she feels that the Titans are becoming too violent when apprehending criminals (or even when just eating pizza), so she decides to convince them to stop using anger and violence, and instead use peaceful means. Can she convince them? And if she does, will her pacifistic methods work?

This episode is not one of the better ones from Go, and the weird thing is, its one of the few episodes where the main character, Starfire, acts like she would in the original Teen Titans show. Even there, she was always against violence, only using it as a last resort. So in this episode, when she gets upset after witnessing the Titans brutalizing the HIVE, it makes sense.

And yet, the episode just isn’t really fun.

TTG_ep38_BreakfastCheese_Still02The first half isn’t bad, with Starfire pulling out all the stops (puppy-dog eyes) to pull her teammates to her side. But the second half falls apart, as the Titans use their…love to turn the HIVE into good guys. It’s almost….nauseating, I dare say, and not funny.

Its cute, but not in a nice way. I wasn’t convinced that her plan would work, and even for this show, it made no sense. And the final few moments of the show, which were made to be trippy, are just plain weird. And not in a good way.

Overall, not an episode I would recommend. Not very funny, or well-written.


Oh, and why is this episode called “Breakfast Cheese“? You’ll have to watch, because I can’t be bothered to say…