Mark Sheppard: Making TV better since 1991

Fangirl Unleashed: Mark Sheppard makes it better

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the addition of actor Mark Sheppard to any show makes it roughly 87% better.* He is a genre stalwart with an IMDB list as long as my arm, adding that peculiar mix of charm and menace to shows as diverse as Doctor Who, Supernatural, Leverage, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Burn Notice and Medium (to name but a few). So, bearing that in mind, which shows would you LIKE him to bring the Sheppard magic to?
Mark Sheppard and Matt Smith in Doctor Who

Mark meets the Doctor

Fringe: this is such an obvious choice for Sheppard I had to double check that he hadn’t been in it already, but can’t you just see him as a shadowy force trying to interfere with the fate of the universe(s)? Plus, I think he’d work well with Walter, a cynical counterpoint to his craziness.

Cast of Fringe

Put Mark Sheppard in this picture

Downton Abbey: the last series was widely acknowledged to be tepid, so introduce Mark as a cocky American who is mistrusted by the servants, clashes with the household but ultimately wins the respect of the Dowager Countess by giving as good as he gets in the barbed remark stakes. Maggie Smith and Mark Sheppard in the same scene? My TV might explode in joy.

Poster for Downton Abbey

What's missing? Yup. Mark Sheppard.

Torchwood: an obvious and an easy one, this: he’s already in the Whoniverse, so why not just shunt him into this show? After the flailing mess that was Miracle Day, it could certainly use the boost. Plus, his character Canton Delaware is gay, which would open the door to some high octane flirting between him and Jack (and also give the actor a rare chance to flirt – it’s odd that despite his attractiveness and undeniable charisma, he rarely gets given any sort of romantic role.). As an aside, bring him back to Doctor Who, please?

Captain  Jack Harkness Torchwood

Could Captain Jack meet his match in Mark?


Good Omens: seriously, I won’t stop going on about this till it happens. Having played Crowley so successfully in Supernatural – where he waltzes off with every scene he is in with demonic ease – surely it makes sense to have him play his namesake in an adaptation of the book that, ahem, seems to have inspired a lot of the Supernatural storylines. Make it happen, Gaiman!

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Somebody: make this happen

Homeland: Sheppard’s inscrutability is one of his biggest draws – you are never entirely sure what is going on behind those eyes, so why not put that to use in a show that trades on false perception? He’d be great as a shadowy agent for an undisclosed military organisation.

Castle: OK, this thriving police show doesn’t need the help, but having given viewers a fan-pleasing reunion of Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion, how about reuniting Badger and Mal one more time?

Glee: given this show’s dramatic fall from grace, only a Sheppard infusion can… oh, who am I kidding? Not even Mark Sheppard can save Glee now…


Mark Sheppard: Making TV better since 1991



*OK, I made that statistic up. But it feels true.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – what shows do you think Mark should enliven? And of course I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more Fangirl Unleashed. In the meantime, do feel free to pop over to my blog, Body of a Geek Goddess, and remember you can check out my urban fantasy novel dark Dates on Amazon (click here for UK, here for US).

S#!T Talking Central

  • Jimster

    Someone’s got a lady boner for this dude.

  • Tracey

    He’s Mark Sheppard. Of course.

  • Dane

    I’ve only seen him in BSG but was sad when his arc was over in the Trial of Baltar. I was glad he got to become president before the end. He really should have a show written around him, imo.

  • Tracey

    Dane, couldn’t agree more!

  • Steve Lemlek

    I’ve only ever seen him on Firefly, but I really need to give the new Doctor Who a crack. Heard it was PHENOMENAL… and I actually like Sheppard a ton, even though I only have that small viewing experience

  • Tracey

    Steve, you really do need to give the new Doctor Who a try: and give it at least the first series and the arrival of David Tennant!

  • See_Spot_Comment

    Sheppard is an outstanding thespian, & his participation in any project does indeed increase its enjoyability! If Sheppard is in a show, said show has automatically gained my viewership (my 10-year-old will only watch Supernatural episodes in which he appears; since his name is strategically omitted from many opening credits, I pre-screen episodes for her–she refuses to be duped into watching episodes without him).

  • Tracey

    Haha, that’s a bit tough on the show – it is good when he’s not in it – but I’m glad to see your daughter is growing up with such great taste : )