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With Great Chutzpah Comes Great Responsibility: JEW SMASH PUNY NAZI!

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It takes a crap load of research in order to write every episode of “With Great Chutzpah Comes Great Responsibility.” Each column is so deeply versed in thousands of years of Jewish history as well as over eighty years of comic book history.   A few months ago, I Google searched the words “Jews and Jack Kirby.”  Instantly a picture of Stan “The Man” Lee and Jack “The King” Kirby appeared on my screen.  Both were wearing Nazi stars used to identify Jews during the Holocaust.  I clicked the link attached to the image and found myself at, your typical Jewish conspiracy neo-Nazi website.  The author had written an article on the Jewish history of comics.  It was just like one of my articles, but ridiculously racist.  Like all anti-Semitic rants it gave us credit for things that are not in any way possible: all world wars, every terrorist attack, aliens, Big Foot, and the denial of Godzilla’s existence.  The author’s main complaint was our use of comics as propaganda to spread Jewish morals and values.  It ended the way most anti-Semitic rants end- with the writer implying we are genetically vermin who are dangerous to society, cannot hold any positions of power and must be expelled.

This episode of “With Great Chutzpah” will further look at many of the points made in the anti-Semitic article.  I will directly quote the article, titled “Kosher Comics: X-Men”, in boldface and larger font

The Jews, as we know, use their absolute control of the various media to subconsciously manipulate the minds and souls of their host populations, and superhero comic books are the epitome of this practice.

(Me doing my best Neo-Nazi impression) Oh nooooo!  The horrors!  Those damn Jew Zionist pigs are using comics to “manipulate” our pure, gentile, real American youth into following their disgusting ideals based on civil rights and individual responsibility.   The worst example is that quasi-kike Peter Parker who neurotically rants about how “with great power comes great responsibility.”  Responsibility for what you Heeb- for helping your old aunt!  The sick Jewish manipulation is also prevalent at DC, where that immigrant Jewface Superman illegally came into our country, formed a false identity, and now fights for the oppressed!  Bruce Wayne may look like your normal everyday white man with old money, but underground he is a hidden Jew who fights for Jewish vigilante justice!  The Fantastic Four are the worst example of Jews preaching their values on the great gentiles.  They teach kids the most Jewish trait of them all- family values!  Dang you Jews!

Are these the true faces of evil?

The more generalized attacks [in the X-Men]on ‘racists’ as being filled with an irrational hatred is also a key form of Jewish cultural propaganda, and plays into the whole disease of ‘White guilt’ that the Jews have infected our people with.

(Me acting like a maniac neo-Nazi) Damn you Jews for trying to preach your liberalism to the pure white masses.  The current main kike at Marvel is the circumcised chap Brian Michael Bendis, who even went so far as to make Spider-Man a Negro!  And that same Hebrew Israelite Bendis has the audacity to portray a sick love affair between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.  White people are a minority, and showing disgusting examples of these relationships is the Jew’s ways of getting rid of us completely.  Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white. Why do Asians get Asia, Africans get Africa, but white countries have to take in every damn race?  This tainting of the white blood is the genocide of the Aryan race!  Clearly, this is more Jew-ey propaganda meant to kill the wonderful gentile.

This is a neo-Nazi’s worst nightmare!

The core theme of the X-Men is ostensibly a moral lesson against general racism (also admonishing those who hold a hatred of gays and other sexual deviants).  

(Neo-Nazi impression again) Just like that good upright German gentleman Fredric Wetham proved in his book The Seduction of the Innocent, comics make youth think it is a great idea to enjoy same-sex relations.  If you give a young boy a comic, he will definitely like boys, just like Batman or Wonder Woman!  Do you want your son to be like Wonder Woman?  Wait, Wertham was a Jew? Noooooo!  Those Jews are tricky tricksters!!!

Not only is Magneto a big Jew, but Ian McKellen, the actor who plays him, is GAY!!!!

The X-Men are “mutants,” scientifically classified as “homo superior,” and they are “feared and hated by a world they’re sworn to protect.”  These superior genetic persons – in fact classified as a different species – have special powers that give them the capacity to exercise disproportionate influence upon human society, and this causes the general population to be hateful toward them.  This is, of course, the way that the Jews view themselves – special people who have unlimited potential to enrich society, but are irrationally hated because normal people fear their specialness; thus the mutants of the X-Men books should not be seen as a metaphor for all ‘oppressed minorities,’ but specifically as a metaphor for the tribe of the two men who created these books.

Anti-Semites believe we are mutants with incredible powers.  They must because their conspiracies give us credit for everything!  The only way we could pull off all the insane crap they claim we do is if we are all omega level mutants.  And if this is true, where the heck was my mutant manifestation the night of my Bar Mitzvah!

Upsettingly, Jews do not really have any super-cool special powers.  Jews do believe we are “chosen people”, and this has often been used by anti-Semites to claim that we are elitists.  In reality, we do not believe we are better than others (ok, I cannot actually say that.  Like any group of people, there are elitists and racists within our demographic- but they do not represent the greater group.)  The belief that Jews are the “chosen people” just means that we were given a mission to let the world know there is one G-d.  We also are obligated to follow the laws of the Torah.  Many of these laws focus on human relations and helping better humanity.  We try to be “a light unto the nations”.  This means we are supposed to perform gemilut hasadim, acts of loving kindness, and tikkun olam to heal the world.  Even secular Jews have an ingrained form of “Jewish guilt” that causes many of them to hold themselves to high standards related to morals (again, we are a diverse people, we also have many people who debatably do not stand for many morals- but again, they do not represent the greater group).  Does this mean we think we are “special”?  No, but we believe we have “unlimited potential to enrich society.”  So screw it, I’m a proud mutant.  You can be one too if you believe you can help make a better society.

John Stewart is kicking KKK @$$!

It was quite clear that the Jews creating these books were using the platform to brainwash gentile children into sympathizing with their predatory tribe.  

It is a part of their survival instinct to manipulate the societies they live in into being more comfortable for them.  I have met Stan Lee a couple times and he is indeed a charismatic and seemingly friendly fellow, who surely believes, in his deviant Jewish mind, that all he is doing is providing children with entertainment (while also Jewing people over, stealing other people’s ideas and making hordes of cash).

Heck yeah!  For thousands of years we have been persecuted and stereotyped.  You better believe we have figured out a few skills on how to survive.  Our “survival instinct” absolutely includes using the art forms we are involved within to provide positive images of our people.  Stan Lee and most comic creators understand the influence comics have on youth and use them the art form to provide much more than just entertainment: comics are the modern myths providing  morals and values for all humanity. 

Even Jews who may have good intentions are dangerous to our society, and thus must be disallowed from holding positions of influence within it, and ultimately expelled altogether.

Screw this crap.  Up until this point, I had been mildly entertained with the dude’s resentful rant.  I then flipped through the rest of his site, and it got progressively more disturbing.  His other rants predict a revolution where women will lose their rights, homosexuality will be outlawed, and any non-whites will lose citizenship and be put into concentration camps until they are deported.  I then stopped reading when I started questioning my own sanity to have put my Yiddish @$$ through the experience of even acknowledging this Nazi.

I really wanted to simply mock him and write a comedy piece using Jewish humor to fight anti-Semitism the same way we always do.  But when someone is influencing people to take away your humanity it gets hard.  I am glad I grew up on comics.  I love comics for all their Jewish influence.  I proudly stand tall as a Jewish-American geek boy whose morals fall somewhere between Professor X and Magneto.

Here is the original image used by the neo-Nazi. I am only posting it so you can don’t feel like visiting the neo-Nazi’s site due to intrigue. These are two men I am so proud to have as members of my tribe!

Source: (please do not visit the site and give them hits, I am only linking to it for legal reasons)


Jay Deitcher, LMSW(@mrdeitcher) is an educator on comic history and runs successful Free Comic Book Day events yearly.  You can see a listing of his incredible articles at

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  • NFL420

    Your crocodile tears elicit no sympathy, Israel did 9/11:

  • angry-young-white

    You acknowledged this “Nazi” because you’re scared of racially aware Whites. You’re scared of being exposed for what you are.

  • Günter Stellmaszek

    Jay, its an honorable action to support his kind, while i am condemn the tools, i am understand and respect the desire to help your kind, but Jay, did you ever consider that there might be more behind it than them tell you, and even if them tell you something, thats there more much more behind it, layer after layer, them can impossible tell you the truth.We all desire to be good, to be on the “right” side, but bad things happened and happened, not everything is such an innocent person, question what them tell you.The devil eats his own children was the saying.Take care.

  • F88

    I noticed no smashing, just twisting the “neo-nazi’s” words and failed attempts at humor.

    For example, you state: “Anti-Semites believe we are mutants with incredible powers.” This isn’t what he said.

  • jaykayDX

    Wow. After pathetic attempt by da jooooz to make themselves look sympathetic after the relentless onslaught and the indiscriminate massacre perpetrated on Gaza – expect that this time you’re fooling NO ONE. Just remember kiddies the Palestineans have NO STANDING ARMY and are NOT ALLOWED to build bunkers to defend themselves – they’re not even allowed by Israel to farm on their OWN LAND so they’re just sitting ducks.

    Oh, and since you hate Nazis so much could Jay Deitcher (the author of the above article) explain to me why Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan and several other neo-con Jews have been instrumental in funding, arming and promoting the neo-Nazi right-sector in The Ukraine who have been killing gentiles in The Donbask and Lugansk region?

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Islamic terrorism – is it because the leader of Israel was photographed recently giving medical aid to wounded ISIS fighters in the Israeli-occupied region of The Golan Heights?