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Will THE WOLVERINE Finally Deliver Logan’s Classic Costume

While I’m pretty stoked to see the brand spanking new mutie action in James Mangold’s THE WOLVERINE, I’ve discovered there’s a fair lot of you who are still turned off by this cinematic version of Logan. Some of your complaints are understandable and not the usual petty protests of basement dwelling neckbeards in all their cheetos munching, greasy fingered glory (Jackman is TOO tall, he isn’t mean enough, he’s too handsome).

In regards to the more reasonable laments, I agree, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE was a bit of a legacy raping misadventure, and THE LAST STAND wasn’t that much better.

But I have a man crush on Hugh Jackman.

Everyone should have a man crush on Hugh Jackman. That mutton chopped bastard can do no wrong in my eyes, even though these films were just barely above “Taco Bell Squirts” on the Shittiness Meter.

I have to admit, the most interesting gripe I’ve found is the good ol’ “Why the hell doesn’t Wolverine wear his costume” argument. Our resident Comic Book Jerk brought this up in UTF’s latest podcast (and his latest THOUGHT OF THE DAY), and while I’ve always been a fan of the more realistic direction of the X flicks, a live screen adaptation of Wolvie’s suit would look pretty cool.

With THE WOLVERINE set to spend most of its time in the Orient against Samurai (and Ninja) themed opponents, there’s a fair chance he’ll adopt their garb at one time or another. And you know… Wolverine’s costume kinda looks a bit like a Japanese warrior’s.  What does this all mean???

Will we finally see Wolverine in full costume, albeit a Samurai (or ninja) themed one? I actually, kinda think so. This is the perfect opportunity for Fox to pay an homage at the shrine of fandom… and it wouldn’t be that cheesy in that context.

Unless they go with this design below.  Sure, it’d be a cosplayer’s wet dream come to life, but I’d have a really hard time achieving nerdgasmic climax.

I went there.  Get over it.

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  • Peter Glass

    This is the costume that Wolverine should wear in the film. He was meant to wear it in the first three X-Men films.

    • Ciaran James

      wow where did you find the pic? that was actually created by me (UK editor of UTF) a few years back!