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I Disagree With Ulises Farinas. I Stand Behind Yale Stewart’s Charity

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UPDATE: This article addresses Ulises Farinas’s comments concerning Yale Stewart’s charity/philanthropy.  The original 1st paragraph of this piece explained the cause of Yale Stewart’s current withdrawal from the world of comics.

People were offended.

I sought to establish a climate for this current anti-Stewart zeitgeist. He was accused of sexually harassing women at comic conventions. He allegedly sent them unsolicited dick pics. I had no sources for this beyond Twitter users. True or not, I can’t post such a serious accusation without citation.  Well, now here’s Yale Stewart’s piece.  He’s admitted to posting unsolicited dick pics.  That’s disgusting. As I said in the original article, we condemn that.  It’s sexual harassment.  

The irreverence in my original opening paragraph offended people. I’m sorry you were offended. I thought I very clearly 1) established that consensual Sexts were a common American practice (and they are according to statistics, 20% of teenagers in 2008 sexted, 33% of young adults, with a growing trend) 2) Those accusing Stewart claim that he sent unsolicited sexts and 3) That qualifies as sexual harassment and is wrong.

Here’s the rest of the article criticizing Farinas’s hatred of Stewart’s philantrhopic efforts. You can find my original intro paragraph at the bottom.

Artist Ulises Farinas hates Yale Stewart’s charitable ways. If you’re not familiar with Farinas, he’s best known for his intricate, water color-ish designs which absolutely saturate every panel (just say no to negative space!) in such books as Judge Dredd, Transformers, and Catalyst Comics. He’s a tremendous talent and one of my favorite creators of unlicensed fan art. Take a quick trip to his official website for some of the best DC/Marvel mashups this side of Amalgam comics. He also hates Yale Stewart’s charity work.

For those of you uninitiated few, Yale Stewart is the artist and writer behind the greatest fan series the world’s ever seen, JL8. The webcomic serves as a thoroughly heartwarming parody of the Justice League, retold as if every member of the squad were an 8 year old, Elementary School student. This cabal of the world’s finest heroes is headlined by our traditional team: Superman, Batman, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and the Flash. A few villainous foils populated the earlier stories, but the meat of the series revolves around the painfully relatable (and awkward) interactions between these core children. While our heroes’ adult counterparts might concern themselves with saving the world, Stewart’s focus on smaller fish. Martian Manhunter struggles to fit in at school. Batman suffers in doom and gloom with an unconventional crush. And Superman, perpetually the boy scout, struggles to preserve his morals when faced with unsurmountable tasks, like buying a birthday present for Wonder Woman. Without venturing too far into trite praise, Yale’s managed to craft some of the most compelling 8 year old characters comics will ever see.

With such a wealth of work, Stewart’s naturally accrued a following. His social media networks swell with over 100 thousand subscribers. He’s a welcome addition to every comic convention in the States. Hell, he even sports his own sub-Reddit (why doesn’t Unleash The Fanboy have one yet? huh? huh!?!?!).

Well, you know what they say: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. Yale Stewart’s used his adorable comic creations and his sizable fan following to promote charities in the wake of national tragedies and national events. Most recently, he drafted a piece of art for Civil Rights organizations currently working in Ferguson, MO. Stewart promoted the piece across all of his networks, donating the entirety of the proceeds to the NAACP and the ACLU.

yale stewart ferguson

Yale Stewart created this for Ferguson, MO. Click the pic to purchase/donate

But Ulises Farinas thinks this is bullshit. He claims Yale Stewart is nothing but a self-promoting ass. Farinas is also an idiot, but I’ll save that rant for a little while. First, read Farinas’s response to Yale Stewart’s philanthropic efforts:

Every fucking time there’s some big tragedy, this dude makes a wallpaper to benefit (insert charity) and it just looks like a shameless ploy at self promotion.

Instead of making a cutesy little wallpaper of DC heroes you don’t own, supporting media entities that already ignore brown people, that have news companies that spin a narrative that blames the victims of police brutality and not the aggressors, why don’t you just shutup and privately donate as much as you want to ACLU, whenever you want, and not just when #ferguson is all over twitter.

Putting two images of SPACE COPS as your “SUPPORT FERGUSON” wallpaper, and offering it for a DOLLAR, is fucking gross. And i hate that we can’t distinguish between support and capitalism.

You know the only reason the dollar is going to the ACLU, is he because the product he’s selling isn’t a wallpaper, its himself.

He then posted this pithy little piece:

ulises farinas on yale stewart

Like I said earlier, Farinas is an idiot. I don’t have enough time to dive into his nauseating, self aggrandizing, reactionary position on diversity in media (which, as a very Puerto Rican editor on this site, I would love to do) but I will address his criticisms of Stewart’s philanthropy. How in the fucking world is Stewart’s attempts to 1) raise awareness and 2) raise funds for a social issue in anyway bad? And that’s very much Farinas’s thesis in this piece… Regardless of Stewart’s efforts, he shouldn’t be a ‘known artist’ because he just makes cute unlicensed doodles of already famous superheroes. Anybody could do that! He doesn’t deserve the fame that he’s garnered. Anytime he uses that fame in a public space he’s totally just shilling his unremarkable bullshit!

ulises farinas comic con

Here’s Ulises Farinas at a con. A handsome, talented dude… but he’s got a mean streak

Celebrities regularly promote charities, Farinas. That’s a fact of life. Yale Stewart is a mid-sized celebrity in the world of comic art. That’s just facts. If he decides to use that celebrity to support a cause, then he has ever right. I’m sorry Kanye couldn’t draft a really cool viral comic book cover for you, but you take what you can get. I’m certain the ACLU and NAACP appreciate Stewart’s contributions.

Regardless of your opinion on the events in Ferguson, MO, Yale Stewart’s remarkable in his attempts to aid the community. As a pseudo-celebrity in the world of webcomics, he’s used his talents as an artist and scribe to draft a heartwarming piece of fiction WHICH HE DIDN’T HAVE TO DO in order to finance Civil Rights organizations. Not only that, but he’s transformed a traditionally ineffective form of interaction known as clicktivism. This is when you share content on social media or write blog posts **cough** Farinas **cough** and expect results. He’s incorporated a commerce component in clicktivism so that those typically non-productive members of online communities who “share” content convert into actual support. No free ‘good deed of the day’ highs here. Pay up or go home.

What has Farinas contributed? I realize his super cool, contrarian opinions might erect a few self-righteous, hipster boners, but that’s about it. Let’s face facts, Farinas is an incredible artist, but he’s not exactly capable of rousing the fanboy community like Yale Stewart. Don’t shit on Stewart because he’s trying. Because he’s helping. Why don’t you spend some time looking into the mirror and question why you can’t do more. Why you aren’t doing more, right this instance, right now.

Ulises Farinas, I sure as hell love your artwork, so why don’t you create a piece for charities? I’ll promote it on the front page of UTF all week. As my good friend Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.”

BTW, here’s my original opening if you want to read it.

Yale Stewart might’ve fucked up.

The JL8 author reportedly disseminated some very naughty, pretty raunchy photographs of his dude parts to a few folks. Now, any self respecting American male younger than 30 knows the pain of the regrettable dick slip. Drink a few many beers, text a long lost babe, and instigate an X-rated photograph exchange. Assuming that your recipient is an entirely consenting, reciprocating party, then you’re well within your rights to indulge in a little burlesque pleasures. That being said, Stewart might’ve sent a ton of unsolicited weenie pics. At this point, this is only hearsay, so I can’t comfortably offer condemnation. I, of course, detest sexual harassment in all forms. If Yale Stewart’s committed any such act, he certainly owes his dick pic recipients a heartfelt apology, along with commitment to legally rectify the situation, if need should arise.

Still, the court (both proverbially and literally) is out in this situation.

S#!T Talking Central

  • bentrafford

    So far, the only person who is talking about these alleged photos is Farinas himself. He’s been asked multiple times to prove his claims. So far, nothing doing.

    • Pete Pfau

      @gimpnelly – Janelle Asselin, editor for the Mary Sue. @bettyfelon – Columnist for ComicsAlliance. @andykhouri – Editor for ComicsAlliance. @neilyourself @emmycic @kevin_church @gibsoncomics @xtop @bigredrobot @kateleth @jeffparker – All comics professionals. All of these folks have had something to say about this subject in the last 24-36 hours. So no. No, Farinas is not the only one talking about this subject.

      • bentrafford

        Are any of them claiming to be people who received these photos? Have they provided them?

        • Pete Pfau

          I have given you the tools you need to find the information you seek. Go forth, young padawan.

          • bentrafford

            Goodness, what is people’s allergies with posting links? Folks, there are a lot of eyes on this topic — telling them all “Well, we know stuff, but you have to find it!” is not helping your case.

          • Pete Pfau

            Goodness, what is people’s allergies with doing research? Folks, there’s a lot of information on this topic — shrugging your shoulders and saying, “I’m not gonna look for it!” is not helping your case.

          • bentrafford

            I -have- looked for it. In fact, I just went through the Twitter feeds of everybody you wrote about for the last two weeks — so far, no proof. Lots of talking about the situation, but nobody actually saying, “He did it to me. Here is proof.”

          • Pete Pfau

            And, as pointed out elsewhere, when professionals do come forward with proof in the comics industry, what, historically, has happened? The offenders are protected, the victims are publicly attacked, their character called into question. Why would any woman, having witnessed that several times in the last year alone, want to come forward? How about a little compassion on the part of the victims, man.

          • bentrafford

            At what point do we condemn someone without proof, all in the name of compassion towards the victims? At this point, I do a search for “Yale Stewart” on Twitter, and the condemnation outweighs the support by about 5 to 1. Assuming someone came forward with proof, is there any reason to assume this trend of overwhelming support for the alleged victims would suddenly disappear?

            I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: one person provides proof, and I’ll merrily hop on the “crucify Yale Stewart” bandwagon with both guns blazing, as would a lot of people. Yes, there will always be jerks on the other side, but if people remain silent, the jerks win.

          • Pete Pfau

            Yeah, this entire host of professionals is just making this whole thing up, because that’s a thing they do. Uh huh.

            Proof is not owed to you. No one’s expecting you to condemn anyone. But if you’re not going to speak out for victims, then stay out of the way.

          • bentrafford

            Depends of who the victim is. With no proof to back these allegations, right now, the victim is looking like Yale Stewart.

            Entire hosts of professionals in small communities frequently gossip. Somebody starts a story, and somebody else picks it up, and the next you know, it’s just something “everybody knows.” Drop into the sci-fi community and listen to the tall tales about Harlan Ellison sometime — everybody’s got a story.

            And yes, proof is definitely not owed to me, but if you’re wrongly crucifying the man based on hearsay and gossip, you’re doing a really good job of setting back the claims of legitimate victims by quite a bit.

          • Pete Pfau

            Thing is…I’m not wrongly crucifying the man. So, good thing we’ve got that sorted.

          • bentrafford

            And once again: Proof?

          • Pete Pfau

            …is not owed to you. Once again.

          • bentrafford

            Well, I’m sure glad the justice system isn’t reliant on your standard. You would’ve been -extremely- popular in Salem, though.

          • Pete Pfau

            You showed me, dude.

          • Erik

            Then why are you posting at all. Either you are carrying on the rumour to be a troll or you are motivated to spread malicious gossip. Either way you’re clearly full of shit.

          • Pete Pfau
          • Pete Pfau

            Oh, hey, I missed this one. Look how full of shit I am.


          • Erik

            ” this entire host of professionals is just making this whole thing up” – Yo are either naive or foolish. Or both. Could it not be ONE person posting the rumour and everyone else repeating, retweeting and generally passing it on? Yknow, like you are doing?

          • Vesuvius

            Are you seriously suggesting that this is a mass conspiracy to bring down Yale Stewart, and that all of these professionals are part of some cabal that has decided to colluded and lie to achieve their ends?

            You seriously think that in this circumstance, that explanation warrants the benefit of the doubt over “hey, these are all professionals, stakeholders and public figures. There are a lot of them. They have no history of making things like this up. Maybe the fact that an overwhelming number of them are all coming forward and vouching for the same thing might MEAN SOMETHING?”

            Because if that’s how you’re looking at it you ought to take a step back and look at your destructive, willful ignorance.

          • Erik

            No, it’ll be just one person. Then everyone else is repeating the lie.

          • bentrafford

            No, I’m suggesting that in any community, when somebody tells a lurid story, people pick it up and pass it along.

            And I did give them all the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t make any calls one way or another. I asked for some shred of evidence. I got it. I am now condemning Yale Stewart. You’re reading into my words what you expect to see from someone who didn’t immediately jump onto the “condemnation without proof” bandwagon.

            Willful, destructive ignorance would be acting in the absence of proof.

          • Dolly Shot

            Because when women announce they were raped, they’re asked if they were drinking and what they were wearing instead of being asked if they are okay. We live in a society that condemns victims.
            I do not think that this means that if someone says they were harassed that we throw a person into jail without trial, but it does mean that sympathy should be offered to victims.
            Please read this tumblr, it may help offer some insight into what I’m saying:

          • bentrafford

            From the massive outpouring of condemnation we had even before proof was offered, I think there’s some evidence to suggest that victims aren’t always condemned. And please don’t lump me in with the victim-blamers. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life supporting people who’ve been sexually assaulted. I’m aware of how things are. I’m also aware that unsubstantiated claims and witch-hunts do more harm to the cause than good, because they give the MRA types all the ammo they need to claim assault doesn’t happen, that people are just making it up, etc. etc.

          • Dolly Shot

            It was certainly not my intention to lump you into any category, I was merely replying to your “if people stay silent” comment. I apologize if I came off as more accusatory.

          • bentrafford

            Absolutely no problem. This is a very emotional issue, and reactions are going to run hot.

          • David Fairbanks

            Hey, I addressed this below, but it’s possible you just don’t read things you reply to. Comics doesn’t give a shit about harassers and there is currently no benefit for women to speak out that outweighs being branded by fanboys.

        • JohnnyHotsauce

          Alright, now I’m thinking you just want to see his dick. [Not judging]

          • Chris

            It must be great if everyone is talking about it. Too bad there’s no proof to believe it.

        • John

          You seem very desperate to see some dick pics.

        • kthorjensen

          Here you go, thirsty rando. Here’s one of the many dick picks in question. Can you shut the fuck up now?


          • bentrafford

            I’m completely baffled as to why the idea that people want proof is so completely fucking abhorrent to you folks. Proof delivered; I will gladly join the condemnation now. So sorry that I wasn’t willing to convict somebody without, y’know, evidence and shit.

      • Erik

        How is a lot of people talking about something absolute proof that it happened? Gossip is not proof you fool.

  • JohnnyHotsauce

    At no point in this article does it try to look at either side critically. But at least it puts a face to the name of the guy sending dick pics to girls in the comics community. So bravo to that.

    • bentrafford

      Is anybody actually claiming Yale Stewart did this beside Farinas? Because so far, I’ve Googled the crap out of it, and been able to find precisely bupkiss. Got links? Proof of any sort?

      • TimothyPaulDoyle

        Literally every comic creator on my twitter feed is talking about it.

        • bentrafford

          People talk about lots of things. That’s still not proof of any sort. Nobody has provided a single shred of evidence that I’ve been able to find. Can you point me to one person who is saying, “Yale Stewart sent me an unsolicited picture of his wang, and here’s a screenshot of the timestamped email?” Or anything of the sort?

          I will gleefully and publicly condemn him -if any of this is proven true-. So far, all I see is a vicious gossip mill.

          • David Fairbanks

            Yeah, because the vicious defending of Yale Stewart above is a sign that the community would welcome his victims with open arms. Come on.

          • bentrafford

            The guy’s mom is apparently getting threatening phone calls aimed at him. Pretty sure viciousness is on both sides of the aisle. In any event, it’s irrelevant — we’re being asked to believe that many, many people have been sent unsolicited pics. It stretches belief to imagine that many women are cowed by the fanboys of Yale Stewart that not a single one would step forward and publicly call him out.

          • JohnnyHotsauce

            He HAS been called out by one of the victims. I could show you, but it’s not my place, nor am I that concerned with enlightening you. If I could find it, and I’m damned near computer illiterate, you can too. I believe in you.

          • bentrafford

            Seriously? “I’ve got evidence and you could find it, too, but I’m not going to tell you where it is.” This is my “Whatever, dude!” face.

          • JohnnyHotsauce

            *shrug* I honestly don’t give a shit, dude. Do your own research.

          • JohnnyHotsauce

            I just came here to throw popcorn at this shitty blogpost.

          • Erik

            In another words you’re a nasty troll cunt yeah?

          • Erik

            Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on that.

          • David Fairbanks

            Do you have any idea what society does to people who speak out against those who sexually harass them? Now take the society and skew it to have the bizarre gender politics of comics fans and add in that this will be something that people will associate their names with when looking for work in the industry.

          • bentrafford

            Having worked in women’s shelters on and off for most of the last twenty years, yes, I have a very good idea, thanks. I also know that if someone came out and provided any sort of proof, this guy would be rightfully and publicly crucified.

            However, in our society, there’s this funny thing called “the presumption of innocence.” The thing that counters it is -proof-, which I (and a lot of others) are waiting to see. I’m not taking anybody’s side here — but I’ve spent money on this guy, and I’d like to know if I was supporting somebody who commits assault, or if a creator whose work I’ve enjoyed is being unfairly hounded.

          • David Fairbanks

            When people are found guilty of being shitty human beings in the comics world, what’s the punishment? Brian Wood is still writing and selling comics. Scott Lobdell is still writing comics (and has been invited to Rose City Comic Con as a guest) after sexually harassing someone ON A PANEL.

            I believe in the presumption of innocence as well, but it’s really hard to see multiple people talking about this, multiple folks saying they’ve known about this and presume innocence. I’m not about to demand a victim speak out when it can damage their career and result in nothing actually happening to the man who harassed her.

          • Lil Wood

            Voice of reason

          • bentrafford

            By the same token, you can’t demand that everyone believe this guy is some sort of serial harasser on an epic scale without anybody being willing to step forward. A lot of people talking is gossip; gossip is not proof.

            Farinas has claimed he has -205- pictures of Yale Stewart’s genitals on his hard drive. That’s an awful lot of harassment for not a single person to say, “Screw this, I’m going to get this guy.” Sending unsolicited pics of your wang is a crime; the guy could do jail time. And not one person stepped forward?

            Maybe I’m just too used to being surrounded by strong women who wouldn’t take that crap, but I don’t think so. It’s just too much a stretch for me to buy that not a single person would come forward. Not one, out of 205 pics.

          • David Fairbanks

            “Maybe I’m just too used to being surrounded by strong women who wouldn’t take that crap.” Yeah, and now you’ve moved into the realm of shaming victims. Keep on digging buddy.

          • bentrafford

            Are you actually going to say anything substantive about the point I raised, or just launch into the attacks?

          • David Fairbanks

            Sorry, link me to where he’s claimed to have 205 pictures. Unlike you, it’s not that I can’t be bothered to open up Google; I’ve been digging through Farinas’ Twitter and Facebook profiles and don’t see this anywhere.

          • bentrafford

            It was on his feed; it’s since been deleted.

            Another fellow quoted it here:


          • David Fairbanks

            It’s strange that your first thought at hearing “205 pictures” is immediately “if there’s 205 of them, how did no one speak up” and not wonder if maybe that’s an exaggeration? Beyond that, if they are something he has in confidence from others, how is it even remotely his place to share them?

          • bentrafford

            If you’re going to make claims that a guy sexually assaulted women, exaggerating is a really stupid thing to do. If it’s true, then you’ve undermined it, and given the MRA types ammo to be dirtbags. If it’s false, well…yeah. Badness, too.

            And yes, I’ve heard a lot of about how bad it is in the comics community. If people don’t step forward, how can we expect it to get better? The fact is that we’ve made the strides we have in women’s rights because people stood up, got counted, paid the price, and made a difference. If that shames the victims, then my feeling is, “Good. You let this guy get away with it.”

            If this allegation is never proven, how is that going to help anybody? It’s just going to make scum think they can get away with it, and it’s going to make other claims more questionable. Unproven allegations help no one.

            And if Yale Stewart is innocent, do you actually think his career and public image will recover from this?

          • David Fairbanks

            Brian Wood and Scott Lobdell are guilty and are doin just fine.

          • bentrafford

            I did some research into these cases, which I didn’t previously know much about — I’m not a huge comics community person, in case that wasn’t obvious. In both those cases, both men offered public apologies. One of them was accepted by the victim. In both cases, as far as I can tell, it never crossed the line into criminal behavior.

            If these allegations about Yale Stewart are true, he did cross the line into criminal behavior. He’d end up on a sex offender’s registry. Do you -really- think DC (or anybody) would hire a guy on a sex offender’s registry? To draw children’s comics?

            Edited to add: Not that I think Brian Wood or Scott Lobdell should’ve seen no consequences for their actions. The fact that Lobdell is still invited to conventions is pretty horrifying, and I wouldn’t leave Brian Wood alone in a room with women. My initial phrasing looked apologist; it wasn’t intended to be so.

          • David Fairbanks

            But here’s the thing. This is where I stand at the end of the day: Knowing what I do about the comics industry, about the pros who exist and are currently working in the industry despite their shitty behavior, I would rather this all somehow be a giant mistake and owe Yale Stewart an apology than defend his presumed innocence against these allegations when I know how difficult it is for a victim to step forward in comics.

            Do you know how I know? Because the pros who are good people, the ones who don’t put up with this kind of shit, they look out for each other as best they can. And you had better believe that there is a disappointingly long list of comics pros that women have been advised to avoid being alone with. They are like cockroaches; we have seen one or two, but there are countless more infested in the infrastructure.

          • bentrafford

            I certainly believe it. I just don’t see how publicly crucifying someone without proof helps those women, or helps things in comics to change. At best, you’ve helped them avoid one predator, but still demonstrated that they can’t trust the system to work, nor shown them that they can stand up for themselves. At worst, you’ve gone a long ways towards destroying the career of an innocent person. It seems like a lose/lose scenario.

          • bentrafford

            And proof delivered — http://yalestewart.tumblr.com/post/95293000291/good-morning-as-some-of-you-may-be-aware-there

            So, basically, the story is that he was in a sexual relationship with people, sent them dick pics, and they were upset about it? Or is it suggested that there’s more to this than that?

          • Erik

            They are defending him because theres no evidence whatsoever that it happened. There is merely gossip

          • Pete Pfau
        • Erik

          And that’s enough evidence for you is it? Pillock.

  • Pete Pfau

    “Now, any self respecting American male younger than 30 knows the pain of the regrettable dick slip.”
    Um, no. No, we don’t. Some of us have the presence of mind not to use drunkenness as an excuse for sexual harassment.

  • Juan Ochoa

    Because “teh fanboy community” thrives on regurgitated pablum. Stick with your diet of adolescent power fantasy superheroes and praise Murrica.

  • David Fairbanks

    I am impressed by the doublespeak required to “detest sexual harassment in all its forms” and then take the typical fanboy route of “this creator I like couldn’t possibly have done this thing wrong” and attack those bringing up the allegations.

    This isn’t news to the people discussing it on Twitter. The creators know. There are comics “journalists” saying that they’ve known about this for a while. This is Brian Wood round 2, and like comics, there’s going to be countless sequels.

    Believe it or not, Stewart can do good things for charities and also do reprehensible things to human beings. People are large, they contain multitudes.

  • bs2669

    heh and the discussion has turned to nothing but dick pics…

  • James M

    It’s super cool the way this article just glosses over the whole ‘gross sexual abuse’ thing.

    What a shitty writer and/or website.

    • bs2669

      At least according to the wording in this article, its two separate issues and not the main subject of the article. I’m not sure what would be the appropriate amount of coverage for a subject that isnt the subject of the article.

      And no, a picture of a dick is not automatic sexual abuse. Context does matter (and is given by the author), though I know the concept of context is lost on the internet, where alternating rage and sensitivity rule supreme.

  • VirgilHawkins

    If Farinas does have one point, it’d be that there is a tragic irony that Yale decided to use two “space cops” to help bring attention to what happened in ferguson.

  • Obviously FakeAlias

    You are a disgusting stain on humanity and should be ashamed of every word you wrote about this.

  • adamszym

    This article is trash, and the fact that you mentioned the dick pic thing almost as an afterthought is a disgusting oversight. The banner ad is NOT the key discussion here at all. It’s the sexual harassment of women in the comics industry that matters. This is my first time on this site and also my last.

  • Vesuvius

    FYI, Stewart wasn’t drunk, this wasn’t a one-off, and the dick pic is just part of pattern of behavior from him that includes other harassment and solicitation. People aren’t coming out by name about it, because he’s chosen to target those who are starting out in his industry, who stand to lose the start of their professional careers by angering the wrong person- especially since we living in a climate where folks like you write articles that go through mental justifications to give all the potentially “ok” reasons you can muster for him to have sent dick pics.

  • Markus

    What the fuck? Defending a childs book author for sending dick pics? And then insulting a dude who seems to have a VERY VALID point about this scumbag? I personally find his cheap memes on a tragedy insulting and cheesy. I came to this site to read about comics and only leave knowing of another bullshit site pandering to offenders and making fun of someone for pointing out scumbaggery in the fist place. Whats next? Rape victims deserve it for dressing that way? Police violence victims are to blame for not following orders? This site is bullshit, this “writer” sucks and the fanboys defending sexual stupidity are what I expect from moronic kids who couldn’t care less about sexual harassment or bad taste so long as their favorite dick artist is defended.. its shit like this site that keep me away from this (lack of) culture..

    • Erik

      Except…that there’s no proof whatsoever than any pics were sent. To anyone. It is pretty likely this is a malicious rumour spread to discredit someone.

      • welchman

        it took me two seconds to find the pic on twitter…

      • LizbethAnne

        At least one picture has been posted online and linked to on twitter.

  • Michael Pullmann

    Sorry, we’re calling a single doodle of two 8-year-old Green Lanterns taking the bold stance of saying “racism is bad” “a heartwarming piece of fiction” now? (Also, using fictional space cops to condemn police violence, lol.)

    • guest2

      JL8 is a lot more than that one wallpaper. It is (or was at this point) an ongoing webcomic series that exists with DC’s blessing. It was really good. I think it hit a hundred strips a while back. very funny, well written. for what it’s worth.

  • Erik

    There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that pictures have been sent. Anyone with half a brain can see it’s a rumour being spread with malicious intent

    • John Jacob

      There is evidence that pictures have been sent. The evidence is the pictures themselves, which are surfacing. Right now, to my knowledge, there is no evidence yet that it was non-consensual.

    • Jack Connell
  • Jack Connell

    Someone should tell the author that Farinas HAS in fact donated to charity, one dollar for every like/RT Stewart’s wallpaper got: http://ulisesfarinas.tumblr.com/post/94932002197/i-got-so-tired-of-people-thinking-yale-stewart-was

    But then, why ask a journalist to do research, amirite?

  • bentrafford

    So, we’ve established that Yale Stewart is a dick-pic sending asshole — to what extent, we’re still unsure, but the evidence is certainly leaning towards “really a bunch.” You know what leaves a really bad taste in my mouth about all this? That Ulises Farinas, who is also pretty much an asshole, got this whole ball rolling complaining about Stewart’s charity work, which pretty much everybody agrees has been a good thing. It only escalated into dick pics when people didn’t agree with Farinas’ ravings about the charity work.

    The result has been round condemnation, even from folks who supported Stewart before he admitted his guilt. So…why the hell didn’t this come out before? Why did it take one small-minded jerk’s vendetta for this to come to light? The comics community is a very broken place. :(

    • Dolly Shot

      It’s not just the comics community, friend. It’s everywhere unfortunately. :(

      • bentrafford

        The only way to change that is for more victims to come forward and brave the consequences. It’s shitty, but I can’t see any other way to initiate real change.

        • Dolly Shot

          But who wants to come forth if no one’s going to listen or sympathize? It’s a terrible cycle. :(

          • bentrafford

            I hope that incidents like this one demonstrate that there are a lot of us out here who will listen and sympathize. I know a lot of people who’ve stepped forward and then went, “Wow, that was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.” Yes, there are people who do shitty things to victims who come forward, but I don’t think it’s everyone and everywhere, or even the majority of people. That hasn’t been my experience, nor that of most of the people I know.

            Of course, I’m also in Canada — there are significant cultural differences between here and the U.S., especially on gender issues.

          • Dolly Shot

            I’m sure there are greater differences between our two countries. I have known too many abused friends who have received everything but sympathy for their experiences. Everything from “you’re overreacting” to “well you should have known better talking to a guy like that.” Just so many BS excuses, and it feels like no one wants to lend a kind ear to just listen.
            I’m actually really happy to hear that people that you have known who have been abused have been able to come forward without backlash – that means progress to me!! Too many are quick to judge (including judging Yale!) and it feels like people are so quick to blame and hate instead of offering love.

          • bentrafford

            There aren’t enough “likes” in the world for what you’re saying.

  • Monto Gawe


    1) Ferguson Poster: Shameless self-promotion? Yes and No,
    depends on your motives.

    2) Dick Pics: Sexual Harrassment? Only the parties involved

    Yale Stewart is far from perfect. But at least he’s doing
    something right: JL8 and charity posters.

    How about Ulises Farinas? Frankly, I haven’t heard of him.
    So, in this case, he is getting media mileage. Good for him. And hopefully, his
    art works.

    • bs2669

      Please don’t start making sense on the internet. This is about kneejerk reactions and maximum rage and shaming.

  • David Hahn

    So many awful things to admire in Steve L’s garbage pile of an article here that I will just pick out one- I really like the juvenile, school yard non-apology in the update of “I’m sorry you were offended” instead of “I’m sorry I offended you.” That was great, Steve L.

    • bs2669

      He shouldn’t be sorry you are offended. He should ignore you.

      • David Hahn

        If he should be ignoring the people he offended, then that makes the apology even more disingenuous.

        • bs2669

          Assuming he feels the same, I totally agree.

  • Jeff

    Seems reasonable. I admittedly am more fascinated by comments within the thread though. It is appalling that a noble idea once proclaimed on the SJ movement has become so corrupted. I think it gives credence to the Horseshoe Political theory-the more extreme left or right, the more they appear the same.

    The comments are as if you took frothing tea-party comments and just substituted nouns, verbs, pronouns etc.. If this is truly the route that “Social Justice” has gone down, it wont be long before it’s cult-like mentality destroys itself and, possibly causes irrevocable harm to Equality from Feminism to LGBT and NAACP matters. If sociopaths are the loudest voices in a movement-the remainder of the body will move against it to regulate.

    So many people believing that their presentation of ideas somehow reinforces those ideas instead of fomenting toxicity is stunning.

  • classclown999

    Ah for fuck sakes people….the dude screwed up,apologized and moved on.
    It would seem like we should move on too. -PEACE