TOP 5 Wrestlers Who Would Make Way Better COMIC CHARACTERS Than Batista!

Last week, Marvel Studios announced Dave Batista will be playing Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Physically, he looks identical to Drax- both are ridiculously ‘roided up monsters. Upsettingly, those doing casting forgot one thing… Batista sucks. For real, for real, he is the boringest ever (although, I should admit our  great Editor-In-Chief loves the guy). I would literally fall asleep when he was on RAW. If he was a mutant, his power would be causing drowsiness in villains.

Wrestling is very similar to comics. In both, there are unrealistic portrayals of women, superhuman characters, tales of good vs. evil, and characters wearing ridiculous costumes. So here is my list of wrestlers who could play awesome comic characters:


CM Punk

CM Punk is a huge comic fan and he is one of the best psychological wrestlers ever. His first job was working for his local comic store and he wrote the introduction to the Avengers VS X-Men graphic novel. I think he would make an incredible William Stryker from X-Men: G-D Loves Man Kills, your favorite Christian evangelical mutant hating nut. Punk often portrays an extremist cult leader whose minions blindly follow him. He is known for religious iconography and he can provoke the audience to want to kill him with his verbal “pipe bombs”. If not Stryker, Punk would make a magnificent Magneto.

Christopher Daniels

Daniels is also a fellow delighted fanboy, who originally dreamed of being a comic artist before he entered wrestling. Daniels lists Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman and Jason Aaron as his favorite current writers. He made analogies between wrestling and comics when he said “with colorful costumes and witty banter back and forth…That’s basically comic books on the live stage.” Daniel’s ring psychology mirrors the great villains of comics- the villain must believe they fight for a higher cause rather, it is the good guys who are the villains. Since he plays such an excellent villain and is bald, he fits two main characteristics of Lex Luther.


Samoa Joe

Everyone knows when Joe is not killing other wrestlers, he is busy reading comics. Samoa Joe is one of the first Samoan wrestlers that broke stereotypes and did not portray a flesh-eating savage. I recently wanted to do a top ten Samoan comic heroes list, but I only came up with one, MONDO! Mondo was a character from the awesome series Generation X, a title about young mutants training to be the next X-Men. Who cares about Mondo? Absolutely no one, but I would love to have a Gen X movie and I think it is about time my Samoan fanboys and fangirls had a hero of their own (technically, Mondo was revealed as a villain in a big swerve, but we will retcon that)!


John Cena

John Cena is shoved down our throats as the ultimate American boy scout, every young boy’s dream. He is a super ripped, blonde heartthrob. Who better for him to play than the ultimate American, boy scout blonde heartthrob, Captain America!


Chris Jericho

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Jericho is amazing. Everything he does is amazing. During one of his upcoming hiatuses, the next time he swears he is not coming back, he should be cast as the greatest Thor ever. He already portrayed Thor on Attack of Show where he showed he is fluent in speaking “old timey”. He added depth to the character when he admitted he didn’t like fat chicks, asked his dad for money and enrolled in online journalism school.

Also noted: Beth Phoenix as Wonder Woman (they are both Amazons and Phoenix actually looks like a real woman who can fight). Maryse as The White Queen Emma Frost. AJ Styles as Cannonball (both are country bumpkins). The Rock as Iron Man (for the ladies, and to get the haters going), Paul Heymen as Mojo. Raven as Raven (the guy is the biggest comic fanboy ever, has already written a comic, and is pretty much a living comic character.).  Goldust as Mysterio (You will never… forget the name of… MYSTERIO!)

I love comic books and I love wrestling, but I hate Batista and that he is involved with either comic books or wrestling. Now he has tainted two of my favorite pastimes. What other great wrestlers would play amazing comic characters?  What comic characters would make great wrestlers?


Jay Deitcher, LMSW(@mrdeitcher) is an educator on comic history and runs successful Free Comic Book Day events yearly.  You can see a listing of his incredible articles and his highly energetic videos here.

Jay Deitcher is a writer and licensed social worker from Albany, NY. He is currently taking MFA courses at the College of St. Rose. You can read his other work at
  • srsrsr


  • srsrsr

    The Big Show/The Giant should have been Juggernaut.

  • Jerome

    Chris Jericho is a worse actor then Dave.

  • Nic Behrens

    Great article. I totally agree with the stuff you said about Daniels and that wrestling is really similar characterwise.

    I love the idea of Goldust as Mysterio. I think he’s one of the few guys in the world that would make the character work on screen.

    CM Punk would be great, but I’m not thinking Stryker so much. Magneto would be interesting. I’d put to you Mr. Sinister for Punk. I’ll go out on a limb nd guess he’d have the chops to play Wolverine too. He’s got a great anger side that isn’t displayed often enough and he can portray that “always pissed of” mode pretty well.

    Jericho would make a great Flash. He’s loud, he can say things cleverly really fast and he’s got great timing.

    PS Heyman does = Mojo.

  • blav7

    Triple H has the look to be an incredible Thor

  • Drange

    If Titus O’Neil didn’t have that ridiculous goofy voice, I would probably choose him to play Luke Cage.

    I always thought Cena would make an incredible Capt.

    With Jericho, I see him portraying a GREAT Roderick Kingsley aka The Hobgoblin. A snobby billionaire fashion designer who has an obsession streak with Osborn clicks with Jericho especially with all the different changes he’s put into his own character over the years, I can see him executing the Hobgoblin role perfectly.

    • Julio Borjon

      And he’s probably love the costume too! Light it up!

  • Troy Carrington

    Big Show/ The Giant as Mr Big in Spiderman. Steve Austin (OK so he’s retired) as Punisher. Askana as a female terminator.

  • Nicholas Cobraetti

    First off, don’t expect Drax to do much speaking- he’s there to look imposing more than anything else and while Batista is a tool, he’s perfect for that (though Nash would’ve been better imo) . Now, on to the proposals-
    CM Punk – about as physically imposing as Aunt May. Disqualified
    Christopher Daniels- “Daniels lists Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman and Jason Aaron as his favorite current writers.” Hacks. Automatically disqualified
    Samoa Joe – maybe in the right part (as a henchman, nothing more), but Gen X wil never happen…nor should it
    Cena – many parts he has the look for, but a bit wooden and probably should be a supporting character at best
    Jericho – bad actor & too small (listed at 6 ft, but he’s really well under that), plus he’s showing his age. Disqualified

    Now, if ‘Taker could tone/buff himself up a bit he might have some opprtunities, especially with his ring career winding down. Plenty to do with Big Show and I could also see Wade Barrett maybe doing something with the right part- something wher ha can be smug and condescending (Namor maybe? That would make those ears a benefit, lol).

    • THANOS

      CM Punk is much bigger than most actors out there and all he would need to do is hit the weights a bit to play a more muscular role. CM Punk’s speaking ability alone would make him a better actor than most people in the wwe bar Dean Ambrose.

  • Christopher Edwards

    jericho is amazing. hate to say but cena does have the build to be cap america as much as chris evans does. Jericho isn’t big enough to be thor, but yeah a flash type character dam sure he could do. Rock could play many superheroes

  • Edward E. Schriner

    Wonder how Brock Lesnar or Big E Langston would look as Drax instead of Batista? You also forgot about AJ Lee who would make an awesome Harley Quinn

  • Antione Jackson

    Agree His acting is baaaaad. Which is why they should have went with Jason Momoa. Although Conan was something I wish I never watched, the rest of his roles have been great. Game Of Thorns, I was upset to see him go.

  • Floon

    He was decent enough in Man With The Iron Fists and Cena is a shockingly bad actor. Besides, he was picked 95% for his physique. The character, for the most part, is a stoic and muscular. Not a stretch for most. This is like debating what actors would be better in Arnie films…this was not intended as the start of a new list lol

  • William

    Super Cena should never make movies again the guy is a joke

    • d

      he was funny in Fred:the movie, although the film was corny

  • Nathan Grace


  • d

    Brock Lesnar looks like a real thuggish villain, he would be awesome as juggernaut if he was taller.

    • d

      and William Regal could play Banshee

  • JoeShome

    this is pretty stupid. batista has been in many movies and t.v shows and i have yet to find him boring in the slightest. the man with the golden fist is a good example plus all the wrestlers you listed besides cena act like shit on raw/smackdown then you have TNA? lol come on now.

    • THANOS

      Are you dumb? CM Punk and “Act like shit” don’t go together. Don’t be an idiot. If anyone is capable of making the transition from wrestler into a convincing actor it’s him, hands down. Well and Dean Ambrose.

  • VT_JizzyFingerz

    Sheamus as Lobo FTW!

  • johnny

    The movies hes been in so far have been pretty bad, but i dont think its because of him, imo hes actually a pretty decent actor.

  • Rizza

    I still think Brock Lesnar would play a mean Venom.

  • Roman Cruz

    No mention of The Rock? Is it because he’s already made a successful transition to the big screen?

  • mr p

    this is stupid, I don’t even watch wrestling, but all the reasons are nothing more than a fans list… how did I even get here internet?

  • Chace Thibodeaux

    Vince McMahon as Norman Osborn.

  • Sage