Top 5 Jewish Cosplays I Want To See At NY COMIC CON

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Welcome to the latest issue of With Great Chutzpah Comes Great Responsibility, your every other week injection of Jews and comics.

Cosplay is a wonderful art form that allows everyday geeks and geek-ettes to transform into their favorite super-people.  Cosplay gives scrawny little nerd boys the opportunity to be incredible Hulks without even having to expose themselves to extremely dangerous gamma rays!  Nerd girls get to become X-23’s and female Deadpools without ever having to visit the Weapon X facilities.  Cosplayers use all their money, time, and sanity to be deemed the weirdest dressed at the Comic Con.  I often wonder if these uber-dorks put as much effort into saving the world as they did to creating weird-@$$ clothing, would there be any more wars?  I have come to the conclusion that the answer is… Who cares?!  Cool costumes are much more important!

Upsettingly, the cosplay community has been taken over by Avengers, Wolverines, Deadpools, Supermen and women, and vampires.  Seriously, Comic Con seems to be every boy weirdo’s excuse to stop shaving their nasty facial hair for a month in preparation to being the 10,000th Wolverine at the convention.  I am a total X-Men geek, but why do fans only dress up as Gambit, Wolvie, Rogue, or Pheonix?  Dangit folks, we need more diversity!  There is already waaaaaaaay too many Avengers titles in comics, we do not need to see them all over the convention floor, too.

If you insist on being an Avenger, do not be Iron Man or Captain America.  Almost every single Marvel character has been on the Avengers at some point, so pick a different team to assemble.   I want to see more Jubilees!  I desperately need to see more Black Panthers, and if you are gonna be a Spider-Man, be Miles Morales.  I also want to see more cosplay featuring heroes that are circumcised and heroines that have had a Bat Mitzvah.  Here is my list of the…

Top 5 Jewish Cosplays I Want To See At NY COMIC CON

Kitty Pryde

Kitty is the nice Jewish girl that we all grew up with.  We trained with her at the X-mansion, saw her mature as an X-Woman, and celebrated when she came full circle by becoming the headmistress of the Jean Grey School.   Many people do not know that Chris Claremont based Kitty on a beautiful Israeli soldier he saw during a trip to Tel Aviv.  No cosplay of Kitty would be complete without her rockin’ a Jewish star pendant around her neck.  Extra props to any cosplayer that includes her lovable sidekick Lockheed!


I am always let down by the lack of people cosplaying the greatest mutant terrorist ever.  Magneto is one of the best characters ever created.  He’s a Holocaust survivor who lost his family and after seeing what racism did to the Jews, he swore to never allow it to happen again to his people.  Magneto is a misunderstood freedom fighter who may do terrible things but does them for the love of his people.  Truth be told, there is no character I connect to more than Max Eisenhard, AKA Erik Lehnsher.  I may not adhere to his mutant supremacist views, but I absolutely understand them.  With the history of racism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry, I often wonder if Magneto was right.  We need more cosplayers to represent mutant rights as my favorite quasi- mashugana anti-hero!


It will probably take forever to make a quality Thing costume, but it would be totally worth it.  I always see a million Iron Man cosplays at comic con- it cannot take any longer to make a rocky Lower East Side Yid than it takes to create that drunken playboy’s suit.  Thing’s entire character was based on Jack Kirby, the tough-as-nails, Yiddish co-creator of most of the Marvel Universe.  His history mirrors the history of most Jews in America.  Enter a quality Thing costume into a cosplay competition and it will truly be “clobberin’ time!”


Batwoman is such a groundbreaking character!  Kate Kane’s character was a much needed shot in the arm to help diversify DC’s universe- she is a strong lesbian female lead who is also one of the best Jewish characters in comics.  She shatters stereotypes and is one bad@$$ Yid!  Kane is not defined by her Judaism, but she is damn proud of it!  The series doesn’t outwardly tokenize her, but never shys away from her heritage.  Many women already dress up as Batwomen, but there will never be enough of the Kate Kane version!

Stan “The Man” Lee

Last year a photo of a young girl dressed as Stan Lee went completely viral.  Not normal viral either, tuberculosis outbreak viral!  It is seriously one of the greatest pictures ever.  Let us all look at it together and in unison give an extended “awwwwwwww”.  Aside from that incredible cosplay, Lee is one of the greatest Jewish superheroes of all time.  The legend teamed with incredibly talented artists such as John Romita Jr., Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko to create an entire mythology filled with Jewish morals and values.  Not only is the dude a genius, but he is also freakin’ adorable.  To fully pull this costume off, you need turn your charisma up to 100 and make sure you act as charming as humanly possible.

Honorable Mentions: Sabra, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, American Flagg, The Golem, Bea Arthur, Atom Smasher, Sasquatch, Nite-Owl, Arthur, Seraph, Doc Samson, and Songbird.

If any of you fanboys and fangirls are hitting up NYCC, I will be there representing!  We are scheduled to have  some exciting interviews during the event, so look for those to drop on the site soon.  The next edition of With Great Chutzpah will feature your cosplays of Jewish characters at the convention.  If you see me be sure to say hi and get your picture taken!


Jay Deitcher, LMSW(@mrdeitcher) is an educator on comic history and runs successful Free Comic Book Day events yearly.  You can see a listing of his incredible articles at

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