MARVEL EVENT EXPLOSION! Here’s 5 More They Should Revisit

With Marvel making an announcement just about every day revisiting classic story-lines, you wonder: what in the world is going on in the House of Ideas?

It all began with the announcement that Time Runs Out leads to a whole new Secret Wars. This story apparently explodes into a virtual whos who of Marvel’s greatest events; Years of Future Past, World War Hulks, Armor Wars, Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies, Civil War, House of M and a brand new Infinity Gauntlet!  If you ask me, it looks like a reboot combined with a massive What if? Style push!

infinity Guantlet

The Secret Wars seems set to get things going with alternate versions of some of our most beloved characters battling for some unknown reason. Captain America alone is sporting at least four different versions including the Classic Cap and present day Falcon Cap! Something seems to be missing from this teaser. Can you spot it? I don’t see any villains.


In the first Marvel Secret Wars, there was a combination of good and bad. This version seems to be gearing up to showcase all heroes from all sorts of alternate realities. But for what reason? The main focus in Marvel has been the race to save one reality or none. Is this a contest of Champions? Is it the Gamemaster, the Elder of the Universe, toying with our heroes?


Things have shifted as these memorable event merge and change. Planet Hulk looks like a planet of Hulks with a barbaric looking Steve Rogers. Tony Stark looks like the center of the new Armor Wars. Not too much given about Civil War, but it looks like this is Spider Man‘s story. House of M includes Daredevil and a tattooed Hulk. Don’t remember either of them factoring heavily in the story. And the Future Past seems to beckon back to the original arc with no noticeable alterations.

montage 2

And, now, the Infinity Gauntlet with Thanos sporting a partially empty gauntlet with a family of Novas beneath him and, of course, Star-Lord. But is this the end of it?

Probably not. Marvel has a great thing going and is getting a lot of exposure so I’m sure they have a few more surprises up their sleeves. But, here’s a few arcs that I think they need to revisit.

The Surtur Saga


For Thor, I would return to what I believe is the greatest of his stories. Written and drawn by Walter Simonson, the Surtur Saga has it all; Ragnarok, the All-Father Odin along side his sons in battle against a massive demon army.

The Dark Phoenix Saga


For Scott Summers and the rest of the X-Men, I would bring back the death of the Phoenix. It was a pivotal point in Mutant history and would make for awesome drama especially if there’s room for some alternate endings.

 The Kree/Skrull War


For the Avengers and, maybe, Rick Jones, I would revisit the Kree/Skrull war. It was an iconic story line from the seventies which still sticks out in my mind as one of the best written of its time.



Another intergalactic super-story and one that led to the resurgence of the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves was Annihilation. It starred one of my favorite villains, Annihilus, and included a galaxy of mostly unused characters. This would give Marvel a chance to flesh out the width and breadth of their space roster.

The Mutant Massacre

mutant massacre

Second only to the death of Jean Grey/The Phoenix in the lives of the X-Men is the Mutant Massacre. Sabertooth lead a crack team of mutants into the Morlock tunnels and wiped out hundreds of lives. It was a crossroads for Xavier and his students.


The options are endless. I’m sure you’ve thought of some. Leave your suggestions in the comments below and for more speculation about this and the possiblities of Cap 3 being the Marvel Civil War click here to go to